Odoo ERP Implemented Within 3 Months to Handle Subcontracting of a Manufacturing and Retail Company


Novobi designed an Odoo ERP system to support the subcontracting manufacturing workflow of a popular dietary sports supplement company, JYM Supplement Science. The solution features US-compliant Odoo Accounting and Novobi’s Smart Inventory, and its implementation took only 3 months. With this system, JYM Supplement Science has increased overall operational efficiency by cutting order processing time in half and reducing data entry cost.

The Client


Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals, Supplements


Westlake Village, California

JYM Supplement Science

JYM Supplement Science is a renowned brand in the fitness and nutrition industry, founded by Dr. Jim Stoppani, a leading authority on exercise, nutrition, and supplementation.

With a diverse product offering, JYM Supplement Science provides high-quality supplements formulated to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts in reaching their exercise-related goals, including performance, recovery, fat loss, hormone support, health, and overall wellness.

Challenge #1

Current system cannot support new business initiatives without costly, time-consuming, and complicated development


Inflexible and monolithic

Challenge #2

“Requires a system that allows sales representatives to quickly generate BoMs, verify component availability, and generate quotations with increased speed and efficiency”


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

Challenge #3

Requires a system that eliminates manual effort when sending purchase orders while ensuring order data accuracy


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

Challenge #4

Requires a system that produces real-time financial accuracy by posting journal entries in real-time as transactions or stock moves occur


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

The Client’s Challenge

JYM Supplement Science required a flexible ERP system to support their contract manufacturing needs. To provide the best possible solution, the Novobi team addressed several business and technical challenges ranging from traceability issues to lack of data accuracy and real-time access.

Business Challenges

On the business side of things, JYM Supplement Science had specific requirements the Novobi team had to meet. The solution developed had to overcome the following challenges:

Need for Round-The-Clock Staff

Manual Data Entry Still Required

JYM Supplement Science needed additional round-the-clock staff to manually enter data into multiple platforms. This increased the risk of double-entry and errors, which presented the need for system automation.

Lack of Support for Contract Manufacturing and Warehousing

Trouble In Tracking Inventory and Production Progress

Manufacturing and warehousing are subcontracted by JYM Supplement Science, making it difficult to effectively track inventory and production progress. The company required a system that would fully optimize their tracking process.

System Challenges

JYM Supplement Science’s previous implementation had issues, so their system could not provide the automation required to optimize operations. This pushed the company to seek a partner that could help them overcome the following challenges:

Lack of Traceability

System Produces Incorrect Data

JYM’s old system had broken features, generated incorrect data, and ultimately lacked traceability. They needed a system that provides full traceability between inventory moves and accounting entries.

Data Inaccuracy

Database Lacks Accuracy Due To Lack of Automation

The old system’s database also produced inaccurate data because of the lack of automated checkpoints to assess the data that goes through the system. An automated system would improve data accuracy and support new functionalities.

Lack of Automation

Limited Capacity for Automation

JYM’s previous system provided limited automation, and this impeded optimization. The company required a system with the capacity for advanced automation.

Lack of Access to Real-Time Data

No Live Data Access

The old system did not provide access to live data. JYM needs a solution that supports unified and accurate real-time data access.

Novobi’s Solution

Using Odoo’s framework, Novobi developed an Odoo ERP system for JYM Supplement Science to support their subcontracted services. The solution included modules that fully optimized the company’s operations.

Novobi Enhancements

Novobi leveraged Odoo to build the following enhancements to meet JYM Supplement Science’s needs:

Accounting Module with QuickBooks-like Features

Novobi’s accounting module is a full-stack finance solution compliant with US accounting standards. The module is further enhanced for JYM with additional Quickbooks-like features that ensure an easier transition for their users.

SPS Commerce Connector

The SPS Commerce Connector is integrated to help users stay on top of orders. The module specifically allows users to manage and synchronize orders, order acknowledgments, shipments, and invoices with trading partners within a single platform.

Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory is deployed to work with JYM’s existing demand forecasting. The two mechanisms seamlessly work together to fully optimize their replenishment planning process.

Odoo Apps

JYM Supplement Science uses the following Odoo apps in their system:


“Many ERP systems force you to fit within their rigid system, with very little customization. With Novobi’s help, we now have an ERP system that feels tailor-made for our company.”

Justin Kelley
Vice President Finance & Operations  / JYM Supplement Science

The Novobi Approach

Novobi follows a strict implementation schedule following CMMI and Scrum frameworks with weekly sprints, ensuring that clients can expect demos and workable solutions weekly or biweekly. Novobi also follows best practices in configuration and customization to ensure the system functions correctly. This approach makes it easier and more cost-effective to upgrade in the future.








Novobi spent 2 weeks on a standard discovery with JYM’s team and confirmed that data inaccuracy and lack of traceability posed the need for automation. JYM had been experiencing these system issues for over half a year, and it was time to replace their previous system.


Novobi assembled a team of expert engineers and business analysts and collaborated with the JYM staff. The Novobi team presented a detailed estimate and timeline, as well as alternative plans for identified risks that needed to be addressed.


During the 3-month implementation, Novobi conducted 10 weekly sprints and comprehensive testing to detect and resolve defects prior to the launch. The implemented system was designed to sufficiently support JYM’s contract manufacturing needs and integration requirements.


The project had a tight 3-month schedule that started with onboarding on the 26th of August 2020. Through continuous and productive collaboration with the JYM Supplement Science team, the system successfully went live by the 30th of December 2020.


Novobi provided extensive training to the JYM staff throughout implementation. The team was eager to learn and quick to adapt, and all Odoo users were taught the specific processes and steps to take to properly utilize their new system.


After the go-live, the Novobi team continued to provide Odoo system support to JYM Supplement Science. The company has some mini projects and minor requests to further optimize their system, and Novobi continues to work closely with their team to ensure all requests are completed.

The Results

Novobi implemented an Odoo ERP system for JYM Supplement Science that supported their contract manufacturing needs. The 3-month ERP implementation provided the company with an all-in-one solution that optimized and streamlined operations, reducing JYM’s data entry cost and processing time.


Integrating accounting with operations provided full traceability between inventory and accounting.


EDI integration with Odoo-based UI reduced double entries and errors and sped up order receiving and fulfillment.


Smart Inventory combined with JYM’s demand forecasting data provided robust reporting needed for replenishment planning.

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