Why Choose Novobi As Your Odoo Service Provider?

We do things differently. At Novobi, we take a craftsman approach to development, bringing our world-class skills, dedication, and pride to all our work.

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Ten Reasons to Choose Novobi

We know it can be difficult to decide on a solutions provider especially when your business has unique needs and requires custom development. So, to give you a hand, we’ve listed a few key things that set us apart from other partners. We are confident that the combination of our skills, culture, and experience will make us a qualified partner to help you achieve strategic digital transformation. 


Here at Novobi we are solving the most challenging solutions in the Odoo space and we are able to do this because we look at our work as a matter of craft, not just development. Because of this unique view, we are undaunted in our ability to solve complex problems, often as the first movers in the Odoo environment. For example, we have built and implemented:

  • A managerial accounting solution including cashflow forecasting, budget planning, executive reporting, and more.

  • A financial accounting enhancement that offers extended functionality beyond Odoo’s standard accounting with stronger quality.

  • Demand-driven inventory optimization: apply data science in inventory control to maximize your profits.

  • A turnkey, end-to-end Odoo payroll solution for North America, one of the only ones of its kind.

In addition, our team has been hand-selected for both industry expertise in these areas as well as their aptitude for strategic and creative problem-solving. As a result, we’ve never encountered a challenge we couldn’t solve. Our solutions have been built from the ground up with dedication to creativity and craft that is unparalleled in the industry.


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As a certified Odoo Gold Partner, we offer the highest level skill set and deepest domain expertise to craft and deliver Odoo solutions. Our growth as Odoo partners has spanned several years and many important milestones:

Odoo Certified Consultants: In addition to deep domain expertise, we have 6+ Odoo certified consultants whose product knowledge helps deliver the strongest Odoo solutions in the market. For our customers, that means you get the best value for product delivery as we are able to internally craft vertical-specific solutions within the Odoo ecosystem ourselves. 

Best Practices: We are also dedicated to keeping up with and following the best practices in configuration and customization to ensure your system not only functions properly, but to protect your intellectual property. This also makes it easier and more cost-effective to upgrade in the future.

Quick Fact:
ERP upgrades can be challenging and expensive, costing 10-30% of the original implementation if your system isn’t designed for later enhancements and upgrades. We are dedicated to future-proofing our solutions to make upgrades easier when the time comes.


When it comes to enterprise-level solutions, not only are we up to the challenge, we have experience architecting large scale projects. Our technical team comprises members holding professional-level certifications from SAP, Amazon Cloud (AWS), Oracle, Magento and more. 

Enterprise Experience: Our team has experience architecting and developing SAP-based solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises, including one of the World’s largest B2B systems. We also have strong experience in performance, scalability, and stability of large-scale SAP Hybris eCommerce systems. With our core competency in enterprise solutions, we know how to handle and build large-scale and high-performance solutions to fit even the most complex business need.

Future-Proof Systems: In addition, our deep expertise means we build future-proof solutions that scale with your business and easily adapt to the changing ecosystems. Whether it’s maintaining compliance, cyber security, or rapid scale, we build solutions that are ready to evolve as necessary.


We believe that in order to truly build effective solutions, domain experts should play an integral role in how they are developed. That’s why we have built a team that includes vertical-specific experts to bring their expertise into our solutions. Our team includes two CPAs, both certified as Odoo Experts in addition to their training in finance, as well as a CPP for payroll and HR needs.

This makes us unique in our ability to provide solutions for the exact people we know will be using them. Our CPAs and CPPs review finance and HR implementations and work with our Odoo engineers throughout the project, with the ability to provide:

  • On-the-job training for your CFO, controller, accountants, bookkeepers, and HR professionals for proficiency and confidence in the Odoo system

  • Ongoing support as needed across accounting, inventory valuation, payroll, and HR functions

  • Review of accounting transactions, financial statements at period closing reports

  • Assistance with complex tax or reporting scenarios

  • Ongoing compliance monitoring

Software and a Service: We believe our solutions are even more powerful with support from the professionals that build them. Not only do we utilize the consultation of our internal domain experts throughout the development process, but these benefits can also be extended into further services as needed to ensure you are comfortable and confident in your solution.


We know that an essential aspect of all solution development is cloud architecture. Our expertise in cloud development has helped us build and launch powerful Odoo solutions. At Novobi, we are:

  • Amazon Cloud (AWS) certified partners since 2016

  • Certified in cybersecurity and cloud architecture at the professional level (by AWS)

  • Competent in building Odoo systems that are secure, stable, and set up for disaster-recovery

Odoo.sh has limitations which are especially impactful for large, complex systems that need to scale. If these impact you, we can offer an alternative solution with powerful cloud architecture. Or, if you need assistance determining if Odoo.sh will be able to meet your long term needs, we can provide insight.

We offer top-notch, custom-tailored Cloud hosting for unique needs (e.g. ITAR, HIPAA compliances) and business scenarios (e.g. high-performance warehouse operations) to ensure that your Odoo solution is operating as powerfully as possible.


One of the things that makes us most unique at Novobi is our integration of data analytics in our solutions, leveraging a team of experts in fields including machine learning and AI. We have an internal data team with advanced degrees in data science and business intelligence which provides a unique development advantage. The result is that we are able to offer our clients a leg up in terms of capturing, analyzing, and utilizing the powerful data generated in their Odoo systems.

We understand that your data is critical when it comes to excelling in your business. We help you make the most of it, from complex reporting to AI solutions. In addition, leveraging powerful data in your solution allows you to adopt industry 4.0 era standards. Leveraging automation, intelligence, forecasting, and more in your business strategies can help you stay on the leading edge in competitiveness.


We believe that experience is essential when it comes to making domain-specific solutions. That’s why we’ve built a team on vertical expertise in several key industries. This first-hand experience has helped us architect powerful and effective solutions by leveraging the strengths of our own internal team. 

Retail Expertise

We have architected innovative Odoo systems that have powered many different retailers across multiple levels of scale. We pride ourselves on possessing:

  • Strong expertise in omni-channel, marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

  • Strong expertise in EDI to help scale B2B retail business quickly and easily.

  • Over a decade of experience in eCommerce. We delivered our first eCommerce solution in 2008.

  • Experience in implementing high-performance fulfillment for businesses that handle thousands of daily orders, including Amazon Prime orders.

Manufacturing Expertise

We have Implemented 5+ large scale MRP solutions on Odoo, leveraging existing functionality with expanded, custom development to suit client needs such as an all-in-one solution for Engineer to Order (ETO) and an MRP for a multi-company medical device manufacturing operation.

Our deep understanding of manufacturing processes allows us to build solutions that are designed to meet exact client needs as well as build on top of Odoo’s existing framework for solutions that are even more powerful.

Healthcare Expertise

One of the most essential facets of development in the healthcare space is strict compliance. This can be difficult and complex across the various levels of architecture. We at Novobi possess the domain expertise required for this level of development and architecture. 

We have built systems that are fully compliant, meeting the regulatory guidelines for operating the health care space. This experience and expertise has helped us excel in the industry, providing fully compliant solutions for our healthcare clients.


In an effort to reduce the time and costs associated with building custom solutions for each client, we have developed a series of prebuilt software products that can be quickly and easily implemented. The result is faster time to deployment on a standard code base that works well on top of Odoo with the cost savings passed on to our clients!

We spent thousands of hours developing our prebuilt solutions that are perfect for many of our clients regardless of scale. Plus, the existing solutions make it easier for us to implement customizations quickly and effectively if you still need functionality above and beyond.

Omni Channel Solution

An all-in-one solution to run a multichannel retail business from a single platform

ETO Solution

Make-to-order, make-to-stock, and engineer-to-order with hour tracking and SOLIDWORKS integration
Learn more

Odoo Accounting

GAAP standard integrated finance with enhanced features and integrations on top of Odoo
Learn more

Odoo Payroll

Automated tax calculation and multi-state tax payroll tax with calculated deductions and finance integration
Learn more

Smart Inventory

AI optimized inventory management with purchase planning and automated stock alerts
Learn more

Demand Forecasting

AI optimized demand insights and characteristics for stronger input and output forecasting
Learn more



In addition to being an Odoo Certified Partner and Industry Experts, we were certified at CMMI Level 3 in 2016. CMMI, designed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, is one of the most rigorous process improvement certification programs for the software industry. This ensures a standard of quality in development that is beyond most development capabilities.

With development centers on two continents, we are able to develop solutions quickly through round-the-clock work. 90% of our products are developed using a SCRUM workflow with weekly sprints ensuring that our clients can expect demos and workable solutions on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Case Study:
Novobi delivered a HIPAA compliant supplemental health insurance marketplace solution for NAHP in 12 weeks with a complete insurance quotation process, real time purchasing options, Stripe and Plaid payments (CC and ACH) implemented, plus all legal processes.


Novobi is dedicated to supporting our clients through our world-class services available up to 24×7 if needed. We are able to provide technical and Odoo functional support in U.S. business hours utilizing a user-friendly online ticketing system. 

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