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We are the leading providers of enterprise solutions, trusted by both mid-market and fast-growing businesses.

With our expertise in delivering tailored business solutions, we can empower your organization to overcome challenges, optimize operations, and achieve goals.

Trusted By Mid-Market and Fast-Growing Businesses 

Driven By Our Clients’ Success

Discover this inspiring story from AuST that has helped them overcome specific challenges, improve processes, and achieve remarkable results.

Odoo Accounting Case Study - Quickbooks to Odoo Migration
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“We came to Novobi to rescue us from a failed implementation with another Odoo Gold Partner. It only took one meeting with Novobi for us to realize we were a lot further from go live than the other Odoo Gold Partner led us to believe. If we had gone live with the other firm, it would have been a complete disaster.”

Charlie Wettlaufer

President and CMO – Goodnature

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“We’ve gotten more done in 2 months than we did in 6 months with our previous Gold partner, and within 5 months we were up and running *exactly* how we discussed.”

Justin Kelley 

VP, Finance & Operations – JYM Supplement Science

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“We have attempted several times to implement an ERP using different software platforms and technology teams, but we were unable to successfully launch our system until we worked with Novobi.”

Dari Dadashi

CEO – MHD Enterprises

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“We had been stuck trying to implement Odoo for almost three years. We went through two previous consulting companies and spent untold internal IT hours on the project. Novobi came on board, and we were in production within a few months.”

Patrick S. Mahaffey

President – GoodLife

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Craftsmanship & Committed Culture

At Novobi, we approach our work as a craft, not just development. This unique perspective empowers us to fearlessly tackle the most challenging problems in the Odoo space. As pioneers in the field, we are undaunted by complexity and have a track record of delivering innovative solutions. Our impressive portfolio includes:

Managerial accounting solution with cash flow forecasting, budget planning, and executive reporting.

Turnkey, end-to-end Odoo payroll solution for North America.

Enhanced financial accounting functionality surpassing Odoo’s standard capabilities.

Data-driven inventory optimization to maximize profits.

Our hand-selected team combines industry expertise with strategic and creative problem-solving skills. With our dedication to creativity and craftsmanship, there is no challenge we cannot conquer. Experience the unparalleled excellence of our solutions in the industry.

Experts in Our Field

As seasoned experts and a certified Odoo Gold Partner, we bring the pinnacle of skill sets and extensive domain expertise to design and deliver exceptional Odoo solutions. Our journey as Odoo partners has encompassed years of growth and significant milestones:

Enterprise Solution Experience

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have grown alongside small businesses, supporting their transformation into mid-market and enterprise-level entities. Our technical team comprises certified professionals with expertise spanning industry leaders like SAP, Amazon Cloud (AWS), Oracle, Magento, and more. We bring this extensive knowledge to every project, ensuring robust and innovative

Enterprise Experience

From Fortune 500 enterprises to the world’s largest B2B systems, we have successfully architected and developed SAP-based solutions. Our expertise extends to optimizing performance, scalability, and stability in large-scale SAP Hybris eCommerce systems. Count on our core competency in enterprise solutions to tackle even the most complex business needs.

Future-Proof Systems

We craft solutions that not only meet your current requirements but also seamlessly scale and adapt to evolving ecosystems. Our deep expertise ensures future-proof systems that prioritize compliance, cyber security, and rapid scalability. Embrace the confidence of solutions ready to evolve alongside your business.

Financial & HR Expertise

We understand the crucial role accounting plays in the success of any business. That’s why our team consists of vertical-specific experts who bring their deep knowledge to our solutions. With certified Odoo Experts who are also CPAs specializing in finance, along with a CPP for payroll and HR, we possess a distinctive advantage.
Our ability to provide solutions specifically designed for the end-users sets us apart. Our CPAs and CPPs collaborate with our Odoo engineers throughout the project, enabling us to deliver:

On-the-job training for CFOs, controllers, accountants, bookkeepers, and HR professionals, ensuring proficiency and confidence in the Odoo system.

Ongoing support across accounting, inventory valuation, payroll, and HR functions.

Review of accounting transactions and financial statements during period closing.

Assistance with complex tax or reporting scenarios.

Continuous compliance monitoring.

Cloud Architecture Skills

Our expertise in cloud development has enabled us to create and launch robust Odoo solutions. Here’s what sets us apart:

Certified AWS Partners

Since 2016, we have been recognized as certified partners of Amazon Cloud (AWS).

Professional-Level Certifications

We hold certifications in cybersecurity and cloud architecture from AWS, ensuring expertise at the highest level.

Secure and Stable Odoo Systems

We possess the competence to build secure, stable Odoo systems with disaster-recovery capabilities.

While Odoo.sh has limitations, especially for large and complex systems that require scalability, we offer an alternative solution. Our powerful cloud architecture overcomes these limitations, ensuring optimal performance. If you’re uncertain about Odoo.sh’s long-term suitability, we provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.
For unique needs like ITAR and HIPAA compliances, as well as high-performance warehouse operations, we deliver unrivaled, custom-tailored cloud hosting. Our goal is to ensure your Odoo solution operates at its full potential, empowering your business to thrive.

Data Analytics Skills

We excel in integrating data analytics into solutions, leveraging our team’s expertise in machine learning and AI. With an internal data team comprised of professionals with advanced degrees, we empower clients to capture, analyze, and leverage valuable data.

We offer comprehensive solutions for maximizing data’s potential, from sophisticated reporting to AI-driven insights. Embrace industry 4.0 standards with automation, intelligence, forecasting, and more in your strategies, staying competitive in today’s dynamic market.

Domain Vertical Expertise

Our industry-focused approach ensures your business thrives in today’s competitive landscape:

Pre-Built Solutions

We offer prebuilt software products for swift implementation, ensuring faster deployment and cost savings for our clients. Our extensive development investment provides scalable prebuilt solutions, allowing efficient customizations as needed.

Experience the benefits of our prebuilt solutions, saving time and resources while maintaining flexibility.

Omni Channel Solution

An all-in-one solution to run a multichannel retail business from a single platform

ETO Solution

Make-to-order, make-to-stock, and engineer-to-order with hour tracking and SOLIDWORKS integration

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Odoo Accounting

GAAP standard integrated finance with enhanced features and integrations on top of Odoo

Learn More

Odoo Payroll

Automated tax calculation and multi-state tax payroll tax with calculated deductions and finance integration

Learn More

Smart Inventory

AI-optimized inventory management with purchase planning and automated stock alerts

Learn More

Demand Forecasting

AI-optimized demand insights and characteristics for stronger input and output forecasting

Learn More

World-Class Credentials

At Novobi, we pride ourselves on our extensive credentials and expertise. With a team of 25+ Odoo-certified experts, we have surpassed the required certifications by 18 times, ensuring a high level of proficiency in Odoo implementation. Our seasoned Odoo expert brings decades of experience to the table, offering invaluable insights and guidance.

In addition to our Odoo certifications, we are also AWS cybersecurity certified, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security. Our team includes a leader who holds a PMP certification, demonstrating our dedication to effective project management and delivery.

Furthermore, we have 2 Odoo-certified CPAs, combining deep financial expertise with Odoo knowledge to provide comprehensive solutions for finance and accounting needs. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we achieved Level 3 CMMI Certification in 2016, signifying our adherence to rigorous process improvement standards.

With our diverse range of certifications and expertise, Novobi is well-equipped to deliver exceptional Odoo solutions that meet your business needs with precision and excellence.

Reliable & Rapid Support

We are dedicated to supporting our clients through our world-class services available 24×7 if needed. We are able to provide technical and Odoo functional support during U.S. business hours, utilizing a user-friendly online ticketing system.

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