Support at Every Step of the Way

In addition to Odoo Accounting’s full-stack finance solution, we want to set you and your organization up for success! Our comprehensive support maximizes your team’s ability to be productive, efficient, and comfortable on the platform with tailored assistance when and where you need it.

Odoo Accounting Implementation

Get off to a strong start with full Odoo Accounting implementation support. As an Odoo Gold Partner, we can deliver a comprehensive, fully integrated, turn-key Odoo solution that brings strong functionality to your unique business needs. Leveraging an Agile methodology, we make demonstrable progress on a weekly basis to ensure your implementation stays within scope.

We are experts in Odoo and U.S. accounting and are able to work either onsite or remotely to get your platform up and running and set your team up to be successful.

Odoo Accounting Training

Enhance your accounting skills with Novobi’s SEO-optimized Odoo Accounting training. Our expert-led courses empower you to efficiently manage financial operations within the Odoo ERP platform. Benefit from a tailored curriculum designed to address your business needs, learn from industry professionals, and gain hands-on experience with real-world scenarios.

Get ongoing support and guidance, ensuring you unlock the full potential of Odoo Accounting and stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Join us now and propel your business toward financial excellence!

Accounting Migration & Integration

Let our experts handle your move to Odoo! Streamline your transition with migration support for historical data and finance workflows from Quickbooks, Xero, or any legacy ERP into Odoo.

While Odoo Accounting is able to handle all of your finance needs in one place, we understand if you need to integrate with other systems. We can ensure that Odoo Accounting seamlessly integrates with any other system your business requires so you can be as efficient as possible.

Support & Professional Services

If you’re an existing Odoo user, we can assess your Odoo Accounting implementation for data integrity and best practices in integration.

Depending on your needs we can also provide weekly or monthly ongoing reviews to make sure everything is running and properly integrated.

Professional services ensure that your finance team is maximizing their ability to use Odoo Accounting efficiently. Our CPA and bookkeeping consultation sets your team up to be as successful as possible using Odoo Accounting.

Financial Analytics

Comprehensive analytics help you make sense of historical data and lay a foundation for future success. We gather and interpret your financial data to create a roadmap for your success with financial analytics support.

Forecast your sales and cash flow. Optimize your business workflows and automations. Stay on top of changes with dashboards, reports, KPI alerts, and more. We can help you unlock the power of your own data to grow and streamline your business.

Compliance Setup and Monitoring

Rest assured that your payroll implementation meets ongoing compliance standards with all federal and local jurisdictions including PTO, FMLA, Filing Status, reciprocity, and more. If there are any changes or updates to regulations at any level of tax jurisdiction, we will work with your HR team to properly implement and report those changes.

Payroll and Tax Fillings

While Odoo Payroll makes it easy for you to calculate and manage your payroll taxes, we provide additional support for filing. Avoid manual tax filing processes. We can assist in processing tax forms such as W2s, W3s, 1099s, and 1096s for your employees and to your required tax jurisdiction. In addition, we can provide assistance in filing the necessary tax reports, ACA filings, and form 1095/1094 filings to federal and local jurisdictions. The option included is standard filing only.

HR and Payroll Management

Get the help you need to set up and maintain your HR practices with on-demand HR and Payroll support and consulting. We can assist in every aspect of your HR needs including:

• Employee policies and handbooks
• Employee self-service onboarding documents such as I-9, W4, and direct deposit
• Connecting to your health insurance partners, your retirement benefits partners, and/or HSA partners