Odoo Support and Maintenance Services

Dedicated support for high growth businesses with mission critical Odoo usage

Managed Services

Novobi offers best-in-class technical support and managed services for mission-critical Odoo systems. As Odoo and AWS experts, we combine deep Odoo platform knowledge with vast development experience and advanced skills in security, DevOps, and cloud to ensure your Odoo system functions optimally around the clock.

Custom Support Plan

Plans available with up to 24/7 coverage including Odoo support from our experts

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Custom Service Level Agreement

Guaranteed SLA with availability during US business hours

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Dedicated Contact

A single point of contact for service requests and a live chat support for questions that need quick response

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Real-time Monitoring

Real-time system monitoring and alerts to ensure optimized uptime and identify issues quickly

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Proactive Security Checkup & Patching

Regular automated system reviews and updates following NIST Cyber Security Framework

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Continuous Development

Weekly improvement plan to ensure your Odoo is up to date and grows with your business

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Cloud & Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Access to certified enterprise architects to discuss advanced topics in cloud and system architecture to help your business build competitive edges

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Odoo Managed Services Offering

Custom Support Packages

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for support. That’s why we will work with you to determine exactly what you need in relation to CRM and e-commerce.

Our custom support plans can be configured to provide up to 24×7 coverage, as much or as little as you need to feel confident in your system. Plus, our support plans can be adjusted as your needs change. We grow with you as you grow using Odoo’s suite of open source business apps that covers several aspects of your processes.

Guaranteed SLA in U.S. Business Hours

Our support team runs on your schedule so you can be confident that we can cover all your company needs whenever you require.

We can tailor to match support to your time zone and operating hours to ensure that someone is there to answer you call when you need it instead of waiting on tickets and support cycles.

Your Dedicated Support Contact

Your dedicated support person will be with you through the duration of your custom plan. No being bounced from agent to agent.

Your support representative will be your primary point of contact to ensure that no time is lost on briefing new representatives or passing support tickets around. For questions or concerns that need immediate response, our live chat support is also available for you.

Real-Time System Monitoring

We know that the unexpected can strike at any time. Our real-time monitoring system and alerts ensure that any interruptions to service are immediately identified and handled no matter what time of day.

While we pride ourselves on 99%+ uptime, we want to ensure that we are still on top of and ready to address any potential outages as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Regular System Checkups & Updates

In a constantly changing ecosystem, we are dedicated to ensuring your system is continually updated for the highest level of security standards and compliance.

We offer regular system checkups to make sure everything is up to date and will automatically make updates where they are necessary to protect your system.

Continuous Development

Odoo is a suite of business apps that needs steady improvements to stay up to date and support new initiatives. You will have access to professional Odoo engineers that are available to work with you on a weekly basis. Our team will function similarly to your in-house development team.

Cloud & Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Odoo is one element in your business IT system and you constantly need to make decisions in system/platform selection and solution architecture, especially system integrations and compliances. We offer certified architects in cloud and enterprise software to help you make optimal decisions to build competitive advantages.  

Your Business is Our Business.

We leverage the power of Odoo to deliver the exact solution your business needs.

Contact us to see how we can help.