Computer Service Company Replaces Fragmented System with an All-in-One Odoo ERP


Novobi built an Odoo ERP System for MHD Enterprises, a computer company that provides computer parts replacement services. Before making the switch to Odoo, MHD Enterprises had a fragmented system and used multiple tools to manage different facets of their operations. Novobi implemented an Odoo solution that focused on integrating CRM, inventory, and accounting functions into a singular system and automating processes and behaviors such as reporting. With the new system, MHD Enterprises streamlined their operations, increased process adaptability, and reduced the manual work, time, and resources needed to complete daily tasks.

The Client


Computer Parts Replacements Services


Austin, Texas

MHD Enterprises

MHD Enterprises is a Texas-based computer company that specializes in the replacement of computer electronics such as laptops, tablets, and desktops.
The company works with organizations that provide customers with insurance warranty protection for their electronic devices. With its diverse inventory of models, MHD Enterprises prides itself on providing rapid parts replacements of high quality and low cost.

Challenge #1

Current system cannot support new business initiatives without costly, time-consuming, and complicated development


Inflexible and monolithic

Challenge #2

“Requires a system that allows sales representatives to quickly generate BoMs, verify component availability, and generate quotations with increased speed and efficiency”


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

Challenge #3

Requires a system that eliminates manual effort when sending purchase orders while ensuring order data accuracy


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

Challenge #4

Requires a system that produces real-time financial accuracy by posting journal entries in real-time as transactions or stock moves occur


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

The Client’s Challenge

MHD Enterprises needed to replace their multi-tool system with a single source of truth that would help them streamline operational management. To provide the best possible solution, the Novobi team addressed several business and technical challenges ranging from inflexible configurations and lack of integration with their partner company.

Business Challenges

On the business side of things, MHD Enterprises had specific requirements the Novobi team had to meet. The solution developed had to overcome the following challenges:

Workflow Involving an External Partner

Need for Integration with Third-Party Provider

MHD Enterprises works with a third-party insurance and warranty company to provide computer parts replacements. To ensure they fulfill service request transactions properly, MHD required a system that seamlessly integrates with their partner.

Inefficiency in Daily Tasks

Need for Staff to Complete Tasks Manually

Day after day, MHD staff had to complete their daily tasks manually. Sending out reports and emails took up much of their time, and MHD needed a system that supported behavior automation to increase efficiency and allow staff to focus on more essential tasks.

System Challenges

MHD’s current system was fragmented, complex, and inefficient. This pushed the company to seek a solution that could sufficiently overcome the following challenges:

Fragmented System

Multiple Tool Use for Operational Management

MHD utilized an MHD-CRM system for integration with their third-party partner, Fishbowl for inventory management, and Quickbooks for accounting. With all these different tools to manage different facets of their operations, their processes were time-consuming and labor-intensive. They required a singular system to help effectively manage all their workflows.

Slow Data Processing

Time-Consuming Data Processing on CRM System

MHD staff spent time duplicating data within two separate systems so that they could properly view and update data, respectively. The company’s CRM system was really slow in creating and updating this data, and they needed to optimize their data processing workflow with a solution that streamlined data creation, viewing, and updating.

Inflexible Configurations

Need for Process Adaptability

Staff would also spend a lot of time when making adjustments to the many processes they engaged in because MHD’s old system had inflexible configurations. It was essential for MHD to have a system that supports process adaptability and promotes overall efficiency.

Novobi’s Solution

Using Odoo’s framework, Novobi streamlined and automated MHD Enterprises’ processes into a singular Odoo system that is fully integrated with their partner company.

Novobi Enhancements

Novobi leveraged Odoo to custom-build the following enhancements to meet MHD Enterprises’ needs:

Novobi Accounting

Novobi’s accounting module is a full-stack finance solution compliant with US accounting standards. The all-in-one Odoo accounting module integrates all the functions MHD Enterprises needs for accounting.

Omni Border - Integration with UPS

This module allows MHD Enterprises to simplify their shipping process. By integrating Odoo with UPS, managing shipping is possible within the ERP system, and the entire order fulfillment process is streamlined.

Odoo Apps

MHD Enterprises uses the following Odoo apps in their system:

Job Queue
Audit Trail

“We have attempted several times to implement an ERP using different software platforms and technology teams, but we were unable to successfully launch our system until we worked with Novobi.”

Dari Dadashi
CEO / MHD Enterprises

The Novobi Approach

Novobi follows a strict implementation schedule following CMMI and Scrum frameworks with weekly sprints, ensuring that clients can expect demos and workable solutions weekly or biweekly. Novobi also follows best practices in configuration and customization to ensure the system functions correctly. This approach makes it easier and more cost-effective to upgrade in the future.








Novobi spent 2-3 months on a comprehensive discovery before implementation. The team visited MHD’s office to meet with their leaders and discuss the company’s business objectives. The Novobi team also met with MHD’s warehouse team to thoroughly understand their workflows, specifically the need for integration with their partner company.


Meetings with MHD leaders, their warehouse team, as well as the third-party company’s team, enabled Novobi to develop a comprehensive and workable plan for Odoo implementation. The implementation plan included a detailed estimate and a project timeline of biweekly sprints and tests to be conducted.


Through 12 biweekly sprints, Novobi implemented Odoo for MHD Enterprises. Implementation included migrating the multi-software system to a singular Odoo system that integrated with their partner company. Both a manual test for functions and an API test were also conducted for the client’s reference.


MHD Enterprises was onboarded on February 2022. Within six months, their new Odoo ERP system with all the needed automations and configurations was ready for launch. By August of the same year, MHD’s Odoo system went live.


Novobi provided comprehensive user manual documents for MHD’s Odoo users. Along with this, Novobi staff worked closely with the MHD staff and held onsite training sessions, playback sessions, and weekly sync meetings.


After the go-live, Novobi continued to provide support to MHD. Specifically, the team accommodated additional requests the company had and addressed minor bugs and production issues to ensure the new Odoo system remained optimized.

The Results

Novobi implemented an Odoo ERP system for MHD Enterprises that streamlined their operations and full integration with their partner company. As a result of the all-in-one solution, MHD’s resource use has reduced significantly, with flexible configurations ensuring that processes are easily adaptable and automations enabling staff to spend time on more essential tasks.


Through Odoo integration with their partner company, MHD’s staff can manage operations in a singular system, increasing the company’s operational efficiency.


Flexible configurations within the system allow users to quickly make adjustments and additions, making it easier to update and adapt processes to suit different operational needs.


The all-in-one Odoo ERP system optimizes MHD’s workflows and provides full-scale optimization, reducing the need for manual work and resources spent to fulfill daily tasks such as reporting and emailing.

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