Multi-Channel Retail Solution

Learn more about Novobi’s Odoo retail solution for multi-channel expansion and management.

Our Multi-Channel Retail Connectors

We help online retailers expand sales channels, deliver omnichannel experience, and transition to Industry 4.0 standards.

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For Multi-Channel Retailers

Achieve operational excellence across your business verticals. Align your operations in Odoo to coordinate all the moving parts required to increase sales, grow your business, and keep your customers happy.

Listing Management

Manage individual products across multiple channels from Odoo

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Cross-Channel Selling

Support for multiple marketplaces managed from Odoo

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AI-driven smart inventory automates purchase planning

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Hybrid Fulfillment

Centralize and optimize fulfillment operations in Odoo

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Retail Finance

Fully integrated GAAP-standard financial management

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Cross-Channel Support

Consolidate your customer service operations into one location

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Integrated Marketing

Manage your marketing channels and utilize customer data

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Point of Sale

Support in-person sales seamlessly integrated with your e-commerce

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Improve your supply chain and inventory performance

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KPI Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

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Direct to Consumer

Integrate e-commerce with manufacturing and engineer-to-order

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Multi-Channel Retailer Offerings

Multi-Channel Listing Management

With listing management, you can expand into additional retail channels with only a few clicks. For example, if you are selling your products on Shopify today, listing management allows you to export all products to Odoo, create master products, and push them to additional channels such as your Amazon or eBay stores seamlessly.
In addition, listing management includes a unique function that allows you to control a product listing for each retail channel right from Odoo with the ability to alter price, descriptions, assets, and more for different channels. Save time making product adjustments across various channels by working from a single location within Odoo. With listing management solutions, Odoo can be used as the central controller of your multi-channel retail business.

Cross-Channel Selling

Retailers today need a sales strategy that can easily reach their customers shopping in many different channels. Novobi’s multi-channel solution supports e-commerce, physical stores, and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

  • Create a single database of products that can be activated and customized across e-commerce websites like BigCommerce store, Shopify store, WooCommerce store, and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
  • With our Amazon connector and eBay connector, push your products to these channels with a single click and sell.
  • Use our connectors to connect your e-commerce website like BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce to Odoo
  • Manage inventory, fulfillment, pricing, and more from a single location with the option to customize based on the channel where you’re selling

Smart Inventory

We’ve taken the heavy lifting out of your purchasing decisions with AI-driven smart inventory. Using our AI engine that is easily connected to your instance of Odoo, you can utilize data science in your operations.

  • View real-time inventory insights by channel.
  • Utilize demand forecasting and purchase planning to help optimize your purchasing decisions and plan your investments.
  • View overstock and understock alerts to stay on top of your inventory.

Hybrid Fulfillment

Centralize and optimize your fulfillment operations. Our multi-channel retail solution allows you to take advantage of both 3PL and in-house fulfillment to maximize efficiency. Also, with several shipping integrations to choose from, you can save on shipping costs. For example, if you receive an order from eBay, ship it with your preferred carrier.

  • Built-in integrations with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and ShipStation
  • Multi-warehouse structure with comprehensive management workflows allows you to automatically ship from the most cost-effective location
  • Built-in integrations with shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and more

Retail Finance

Whether you need simple bookkeeping and tax reporting or want to utilize advanced features like AI-driven smart recommendations from your financials, you can do it all in one place!

  • US GAAP standard accounting fully integrated with your operations
  • Manage your payroll and deductions in conjunction with HR and finance reporting
  • Utilize budgeting and finance tools right on your platform

Cross-Channel Support

Consolidate your customer service operations into a single location so you can track, manage, and respond to customer support concerns across all your channels efficiently.

  • Social media channel support
  • Help desk, ticketing, and ticket management platform
  • Phone and email support

Integrated Marketing

Manage your marketing channels in one location and seamlessly pull in data from across your business to make your communication powerful, personal, and effective.

  • Multiple channel support including social media channels, email, SMS, and more
  • Integrate seamlessly with your sales data and CRM

Point of Sale

Our multi-channel solution supports in-person sales with a powerful POS that links seamlessly into the rest of your system including sales, invoicing, and inventory.

  • Mobile-friendly and works on multiple devices
  • Online and offline selling means you can complete transactions even if you’re not connected to a network
  • Sell in person, anywhere you need to be


Improve your supply chain and inventory performance with purchasing powered by our multi-channel solution.

  • Automate your purchasing rules
  • Manage and score your vendor relationships
  • Track performance over time

KPI Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with our easy-to-navigate KPI dashboard. Plus, automate your alerts so you can know in real-time if something needs to be addressed.

  • User-friendly data visualizations
  • Automated alerts

In today’s retail ecosystem, simply having an e-commerce store isn’t enough to thrive. Our multi-channel solution helps you integrate all the moving pieces required to grow and scale your business.

Prepare Your Company for Industry 4.0 with our Engineer-to-Order Solution


Our multi-channel solution helps retailers digitize as many of their workflows and processes as possible to reduce manual input and streamline communication between systems.


Sophisticated integration between operational verticals in our multi-channel solution and a single database means data flows seamlessly across the platform.


Our multi-channel solution employs a layer of data intelligence enabled by the system integration which helps generate automated recommendations.


Powerful data in our multi-channel solution means retailers can provide hyper-personal experiences to their end customers.


Our multi-channel solution eliminates manual processes and makes it easy to create automated workflows to save time and resources.

Make Smart Decisions in Your Business

A layer of AI in the ETO platform brings intelligence to your business decisions. Smart recommendations find efficiencies in your operations, driven by data.

Smart Finance

Pricing your products for maximum revenue and customer satisfaction is difficult, especially across multiple sales channels. Take the guesswork out of setting the best prices. Using AI, our multi-channel retail solution will make recommendations on price adjustments based on sales performance, inventory balancing, and the pricing set by other sellers in shared channels.

Smart Inventory

Real-time monitoring of your inventory provides under and over stock analysis to ensure optimal performance while still being lean. With automated alerts to keep you in the know and a robust dashboard to give you a visual overview of your inventory’s performance, you can maximize your sales while managing the cost of your stock.

Smart Purchasing

Smart purchasing puts the power of data in your supply chain management. Define your optimal inventory levels and the system will handle the rest. Using powerful AI, our multi-channel retail solution provides demand forecasts for purchase planning and factors in lead time, inventory cost and more to keep your purchasing lean and efficient.

Retail financial management needs?

We've got you covered!

We built accounting, payroll, finance, budgeting, and more right into our multi-channel retail solution. Whether you need simple bookkeeping and tax reporting or want to utilize advanced features like AI-driven smart recommendations from your financials, you can do it all from one place!

No paying for additional financial management and bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks or Xero.

Your finances will automatically connect with your sales, inventory, procurement, and other verticals across channels.

Smart recommendations can be made across your operational verticals based on your financial performance

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