We Build Long-Lasting Partnerships

We prioritize open communication and collaboration, tailoring solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

“We came to Novobi to rescue us from a failed implementation with another Odoo Gold Partner.
It only took one meeting with Novobi for us to realize we were a lot further from go live than the other Odoo Gold Partner led us to believe. If we had gone live with the other firm, it would have been a complete disaster.”

Charlie Wettlaufer
President and CMO - Goodnature

At Novobi, we form strong partnerships with our clients by understanding their unique needs and goals. Our team of experts works closely with clients throughout the process, providing guidance and support. We aim to build long-term relationships that drive mutual success and innovation.

Bar-All, Inc.

Industry: Business Services

Company: barallinc.com

Implementation: ERP

“Novobi extends Bar-All’s IT department as an Odoo ERP gold partner and AWS-certified DevOps agency. I first contracted with them because of their track record and certifications, but I ultimately partnered with them because they serve thoughtfully and can actualize a shared vision. They’re more than just a technical resource; they’re a critical business partner.

Over the past year, they’ve improved eCommerce performance, inter-departmental operations, and cybersecurity practices. Their most significant impacts on Bar-All’s bottom line include tailoring AWS EC2 autoscaling to meet shifting traffic patterns and leveraging Docker to increase website availability twofold. Those efforts boosted online sales by ~20% in some cases.

Most recently, Novobi and Bar-All designed a new system to solve operational challenges (e.g., inventory disparities) across multiple entities, including a logistics facility, manufacturing plant, and retail enterprise. The collaborative design features Odoo as the central source of truth for operational data and employs custom-coded ERP modules to facilitate the supply chain. Novobi is taking a considerate, stepwise approach to developing the system based on Bar-All’s growth forecast.

Other plans with Novobi involve building an enhanced eCommerce shopping experience and implementing business intelligence to make data-informed decisions.

I’m immensely grateful for Novobi, and I look forward to years of success in partnership with them.”

Justin Dickenson
VP of Engineering

Good Life, Inc.

Industry: Retail

Company: www.goodlifeinc.com

Implementation: ERP

“Novobi was an extraordinary partner for our mid-market consumer electronics company. We had been stuck trying to implement Odoo for almost three years. We went through two previous consulting companies and spent untold internal IT hours on the project. Novobi came on board, and we were up, tested, and in production within a few months.

Novobi’s project management skills, development chops, and general Odoo expertise were head and shoulders above anyone we had worked with previously. Additionally, they provided monthly support on a flexible and fair basis and were always responsive to any issues.

I would recommend Novobi without hesitation, not simply because they are experts, but because they are wonderful to work with and to have as a partner.”

Patrick S. Mahaffey

MHD Enterprises

Industry: Service

Company: www.mhdenterprises.com

Implementation: ERP

“We have attempted several times to implement an ERP using different software platforms and technology teams, but we were unable to successfully launch our system until we worked with Novobi. The Novobi team demonstrated a professional-level capability in planning and execution. The project went smoothly even though we had three different organizations involved regularly. I highly recommend Novobi for Odoo implementation.”

Dari Dadashi

PHD Fitness (dba: Jym Supplement Science)

Industry: Retail

Company: www.JYMSupplementScience.com

Implementation: ERP Data Analytics

“Our journey with the Novobi team came back in 2020, when we were desperately looking for a partner to help us redo a botched Odoo launch. At the time we were with another Odoo partner who over-promised and completely under-delivered on our scope and we made the decision to part ways. Novobi was a Godsend to our company. Their team quickly triaged our previous launch. We’ve gotten more done in 2 months than we did in 6 months with our previous Gold partner, and within 5 months we were up and running *exactly* how we discussed. They took us from having an incomplete and broken version of Odoo to having a totally customized and tailor-made version that adds to our ROI. Like I said, they have been a Godsend to us.

We have been live now for an entire year and we don’t have any complaints. Our main point of contact Lee, who is our lead consultant/engineer has been amazing. He made us feel like he was right there with us on our launch, and he has been there ever since. We have actually contracted with Novobi again to begin implementing their custom analytics and Smart Inventory.

While there are many partners to choose from, if you want a team who is dedicated to your success, has competitive rates, quick turnaround times, knows Odoo inside and out, and will launch and support your software as a true partner; pick Novobi. My only regret is that we didn’t contract with them from the beginning. It would have saved us months and thousands of dollars.”

Justin Kelley
VP, Finance & Operations

Harvest Right

Industry: Retail, DTC

Company: harvestright.com

Implementation: ERP

“Novobi is simply exceptional to work with. I truly love and appreciate each of your team members. They are professional, great at what they do, kind, and patient- which I realize dealing with our company requires a lot of extra patience from a partner!

As the project manager trying to mediate between teams, I don’t take those traits for granted and know they are a rare find indeed.”

Beth Lee
Project Manager


Industry: Technology

Company: www.airistaflow.com

Implementation: ERP

“The Novobi team was a joy to work with. They were always on top of various deliverables throughout the phases of our project. They also assisted our team in educating us on the various aspects of the Odoo system to further our knowledge on how the application is established.”

Patrick Jenkins
VP, Operations


Industry: Retail

Company: www.fulfillxpress.com

Implementation: eCommerce Fulfillment

“We hit the jackpot with Novobi as our Gold Partner for Odoo. They are the 3rd Odoo vendor we have used and it is clear why they are a Gold Partner. I have been dealing with IT vendors for over 30 years and would rate Novobi as one of the top vendors that I have had the pleasure of working with. They always take the time to fully understand our business to ensure they consistently deliver on all of our requirements and exceed them when possible. While rarely have I needed them, they are available around the clock for support and/or questions. Their knowledge of Odoo is exceptional and they have standard processes to make sure everything is well documented.”

Jim Yauch


Industry: Manufacturing & Retail

Company: www.goodnature.com

Implementation: ERP

“Our company is very complex — We are a fully vertical manufacturing company that does everything from buying raw materials right up to sales and customer service to the end customer, with clients in over 70 countries.

[We] came to Novobi to rescue us from a failed implementation with another Odoo Gold Partner. At this point, we had wasted $30K with the other partner, and time was limited as we were already past the deadline. We needed a company that had organization and project management, not just developers.

It only took one meeting with Novobi for us to realize we were a lot further from go-live than the other firm led us to believe. If we had gone live with the other firm, it would have been a complete disaster.

Novobi reorganized our implementation, took us through end-to-end testing, and launched our project on time. Of course, there were things to work out after go-live, but we were successfully processing orders and shipping products through Odoo on day two of launch.

I can confidently recommend Novobi as the Odoo implementation partner for a manufacturing company.”

Charlie Wettlaufer
President and CMO

The Berean Call

Industry: Retail

Company: www.thebereancall.org

Implementation: Accounting eCommerce

“We have been using Quickbooks for almost 20 years along with separate order entry and webstore systems. We have spent a lot of time balancing and synchronizing data, and have really wanted a completely integrated system. We have used Quickbooks for so long, it was a terrifying thought to use something else! I appreciate how Novobi helped us to make the transition to Odoo, their knowledge of Quickbooks really made things easier.”

Mark Vander Ark
General Manager


Industry: Retail

Company: www.jodee.com

Implementation: ERP

“We have been with Novobi since November 2018 and are thrilled with their service and help. They are professional, extremely responsive, helpful, and very fair in costs.

One specific example: we had to make a change to a medicare report we use to file claims daily. During Novobi’s due diligence, they found the existing report written by a previous consultant was poorly written and had faulty logic. Novobi at an extremely fair cost fixed the logic of the report and now a daily function that previously took 30 minutes to complete now takes 5 seconds.

I only wish I started my Odoo experience with Novobi instead of the previous consultant. Novobi is not only a pleasure to work with but also represents Odoo professionally. I highly recommend Novobi and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.”

Steven Altman
President / CEO


Industry: Retail

Company: www.artnaturals.com

Implementation: ERP Cloud Services

“Partners that can handle complex customizations and are reliable during a fire-fight is critical. Novobi is that kind of partner.”

Zion Benarroch
VP, Operations

EIS Machine, LLC

Industry: Manufacturing

Company: www.inlinecleaning.com,

www.randomachine.com, www.eis-machine.com

Implementation: ERP

“One of the things from our engagement with Novobi that has become apparent in terms of its value is the importance of having a good CPA on the development team. That’s been invaluable for us especially as we’ve integrated payroll and engineering-to-order in terms of the accounting moves. It’s very important to have a CPA involved and Novobi was able to successfully make a lot of those changes both in the out-of-box Odoo as well as in some of the apps they developed.“

Andy Wilcox


Industry: Retail

Company: www.fulfillxpress.com

Implementation: eCommerce Fulfillment

“Novobi has been a great development partner managing the implementations for both e-commerce and fulfillment solutions since Sept 2018. They are very knowledgeable about Odoo and have helped maximize value to our business. We highly recommend Novobi to anyone needing an Odoo Partner.”

Jason Trummell

Entertainment Promotions

Industry: Retail

Company: www.entertainment.com

Implementation: ERP

“Novobi helped us with several of our key business applications that require integrations with Facebook, Twitter, ERP systems, eDialog email marketing system, and several other internal and external systems. They have excellent technical skills and are very detailed oriented. However, we are most impressed with their commitment to quality and driving to meet our tight deadlines. They provided options on the best approach to achieve our business requirements and offers well-designed and documented solutions. Their deliverables were never late, of high quality, and they always are willing to go above and beyond to push through any obstacle. This is a team that you can put your trust in.”

Mato Letica
Director of Software Development

Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery

Industry: Retail

Company: www.medicinemangallery.com

Implementation: ERP

“Good response time during emergencies or critical projects – Excellent Work.”

Kathleen Counihan
Executive Director

North American Life Plans (NALP), LLC.

Industry: Healthcare

Company: www.northamericanlifeplans.com

Implementation: ERP

“The team at Novobi has exceeded our expectation, delivering an elevated level of expertise needed to scale our infrastructure and providing innovative solutions. Their experience with back-end, as well as customer interfaces, enables our team to quickly deploy business solutions. We are impressed with their project, risk, and budget management capabilities. They provide industry-leading project tracking and reporting, appropriate for large-scale implementation while minimizing bureaucracy when necessary. Ha and his team communicate clearly and proactively. I would confidently recommend them.”

Paul Andries
IT Director

NTS Tire Supply

Industry: Retail

Company: www.ntstiresupply.com

Implementation: ERP

“We’ve worked with Novobi for more than 6 months to build a very complex Odoo ERP system designed for our very niche market of used agricultural tires, wheels, and hardware. This has involved features to de-skill data entry by multi-tiered filtering to match used tires with new OEM specs, extensive algorithms to calculate the value of used tires based on the new OEM value and the used product attributes, as well as other custom features coming up like Tire Finder alerts to email prospects when a tire matching their requested specs is added to the database, etc. All through this process the Novobi team has methodically made progress every week by breaking the tasks up into weekly sprints. Each week they demo the features they have added and then give us access to a test database to trial them in before adding the features to production. Their attention to detail and adherence to best practice is beyond our expectation.

Odoo Accounting has been a great asset in helping us bring our accounting together from two separate accounting systems; having access to their on-staff US-based accountant familiar with Odoo has greatly assisted with questions that arise while learning and implementing the software.”

Ben Paskewitz
General Manager

AuST Manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing

Company: www.austmanufacturing.com

Implementation: Accounting ERP

“Novobi put a great amount of effort into making very specific customizations to the accounting app to make it more user-friendly and North American-centric. We’ve implemented all of the customizations and they have been a boon to our process! Novobi developed a set of extensions to the accounting app that we’ve implemented to help facilitate our workflows and make our work more efficient.”

Christian S. Eversull, MD

“Odoo is developed in Europe, it involves and is built in response to the needs of European market in accounting trends. Novobi played a key role in extending the functionality and customizing the functionality of Odoo Accounting to look and feel and operate more like what we’re used to using in the US, similar to Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc.”

Mark Ritchie
Director of Finance and Operations

Windsor Beauty

Industry: Retail

Company: www.windsorbeauty.com

Implementation: eCommerce

“Novobi helped us implement the most state-of-the-art e-commerce solution. Our employees and our customers are very excited about its beautiful design and ease of use. We are now able to showcase our brands and allow the ability for our customers to conveniently order online. Our solution had many custom requirements and Novobi stepped up to the plate and delivered on all of them. Some of the requirements included system integration and customized user experience based on login credentials. Best of all, Novobi quoted us with a very reasonable price and delivered the highest quality of work. They are very professional, very technical, and communicated exceptionally well. I am very pleased and would recommend them to any organization.”

Rick Hakim


Industry: Retail

Company: www.flowbelow.com

Implementation: ERP

“Novobi’s deep knowledge and experience with Odoo has been a tremendous help in our efforts to achieve our strategic goals.”

Evan Paradies
Project Manager


Industry: Retail

Implementation: ERP

“Choosing the right developer for any project is critical and I struck gold with Novobi. They are knowledgeable, professional, communicate well, complete work on-time, within budget, and go the extra mile to produce great work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Robert Catlin


Industry: Retail

Company: www.sigmasense.com

Implementation: Accounting

“Four hours was the perfect length of time for initial Odoo Accounting training. I would recommend Novobi Odoo Accounting training to other accountants/bookkeepers who are new to Odoo.”

Marty Seger, CPA

National Drug Disposal

Industry: Retail

Company: www.drugdisposal.com

Implementation: Cloud Services

“I couldn’t be happier with our choice to go with Novobi for our AWS service provider. They’ve dramatically reduced our monthly bill for our AWS services and are our go-to providers for all things hosted.”

Chase Ferguson
Chief Operating Officer

Village Health

Industry: Healthcare

Company: www.villagehealth.com

Implementation: ERP

“I am very happy with Novobi’s performance on our telemedicine project. They are professional, fast, and show the kind of careful attention to details that is vital to software development. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Philip O’Halloran, MD
Medical Director


Industry: Healthcare

Company: www.solidpractice.com

Implementation: ERP

“Novobi has been a great tech partner for us. We have worked on several projects together over the past few years. The team are very knowledgeable, reliable, and honest – a combination of traits that is important for any business partnership and not easily found. They delivered high-quality software in a timely manner – can you imagine that? In time, without delays!”

Andras Fenyves


Industry: Retail

Company: www.zflowventures.com

Implementation: Accounting

“Novobi has been a great Odoo accounting resource for our team. Hien was very helpful and a joy to work with. After just a few training calls, all of our issues were resolved quickly and under budget! We will continue to work with Novobi in the years to come.”

Steve Rupp


Industry: Information Technology

Company: www.md-sof.com

Implementation: Accounting

“Novobi is an excellent group of professionals to work with. They know their stuff and are very responsive and professional. They have a superb understanding of the Surescripts implementation process.”

Laurence O’Halloran, MD
President and CEO

Barton Dynamics

Industry: Information Technology

Company: www.bartondynamics.com

Implementation: Accounting

“Novobi has helped us leverage the Odoo platform to build functional tools that improve our customer’s business processes. They have been an amazing partner and helped us to realize the full capability of the Odoo platform.”

John Domeracki