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“We have been with Novobi since November 2018 and are thrilled with their service and help. They are professional, extremely responsive, helpful and very fair in costs.

One specific example: we had to make a change to a medicare report we use to file claims daily. During Novobi’s due diligence they found the existing report written by a previous consultant was poorly written and had faulty logic. Novobi at an extremely fair cost fixed the logic of the report and now a daily function that previously took 30 minutes to complete now takes 5 seconds.

I only wish I started my Odoo experience with Novobi instead of the previous consultant.

Novobi is not only a pleasure to work with but also represents Odoo professionally.

I highly recommend Novobi and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.”

Steven Altman

President / CEO

“We have been using Quickbooks for almost 20 years along with separate order entry and webstore systems. We have spent a lot of time balancing and synchronizing data, and have really wanted a completely integrated system. We have used Quickbooks for so long, it was a terrifying thought to use something else! I appreciate how Novobi helped us to make the transition to Odoo, their knowledge of Quickbooks really made things easier”

Mark Vander Ark

General Manager

“Odoo is developed in Europe, it involves and is built in response to the needs of European market in accounting trends. Novobi played a key role in extending the functionality and customizing the functionality of Odoo Accounting to look and feel and operate more like what we’re used to using in the US, similar to Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc.”

Christian S. Eversull, MD


“Novobi put a great amount of effort into making very specific customizations to the accounting app to make it more user-friendly and North American-centric. We’ve implemented all of the customizations and they have been a boon to our process! Novobi developed a set of extensions to the accounting app that we’ve implemented to help facilitate our workflows and make our work more efficient”

Mark Ritchie

Director of Finance and Operations

“We’ve worked with Novobi for more than 6 months to build a very complex Odoo ERP system designed for our very niche market of used agricultural tires, wheels and hardware. This has involved features to de-skill data entry by multi-tiered filtering to match used tires with new OEM specs, extensive algorithms to calculate the value of used tires based on the new OEM value and the used product attributes, as well as other custom features coming up like Tire Finder alerts to email prospects when a tire matching their requested specs is added to the database etc. All through this process the Novobi team has methodically made progress every week by breaking the tasks up into weekly sprints. Each week they demo the features they have added, and then give us access to a test database to trial them in before adding the features to production. Their attention to detail and adherence to best practice is beyond our expectation.”

Ben Paskewitz

General Manager – NTS Tire & Wheel