Our Vision

The vision of Novobi is to become the preferred and most trusted resource for businesses who would like to
build competitiveness through strategic IT investments in ERP, Data Science, and Cloud. We achieve this by
fostering a CARING and CRAFTSMANSHIP culture, as well as cultivating TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE at every
level of the project.

Our Core Values


We work with joy, care, and pride. We
want to build software products that
exceed functional requirements and
technical standards and, more
importantly, users love to use.

We believe the world will be better
and the work environment will be
more joyful if everyone respects and
cares for each other. We are
committed to act with compassion,
integrity and honesty in all situations,
to listen with respect to others and to
value differences.


While we value individual excellence,
teamwork plays a crucial role in
helping us achieve consistent results.
We promote an open and trusted
culture, not only internally but with
clients and partners as well. We
believe strong collaboration is the key
for success in software projects and
require both clients/partners and our
staffs to commit to that.