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I Need Help With My New Odoo Implementation

Our Odoo experts and Enterprise business consultants will provide you with a comprehensive plan to ensure a successful implementation and maintain your Odoo system for long-term efficiency.

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I Need Help With My Existing Odoo ERP

Our responsive team is ready to help enhance or troubleshoot your Odoo system. We will formulate a support plan to restore your business operations quickly and establish your Odoo ERP’s stability.

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I Need Help With Other Odoo Issues

Our seasoned SMEs in Cybersecurity, Accounting, Cloud Architecture, Data Analytics, Manufacturing, and Retail employ a holistic approach to secure an Odoo implementation that aligns with your unique business challenges.

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I Need Help With Odoo System Performance, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Architecture

Our Odoo solution architects and certified Cybersecurity consultant will identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, strengthen your system’s cybersecurity defenses, and migrate your Odoo to a cloud infrastructure that keeps your system protected and running smoothly.

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I Need Help With Odoo Accounting Implementation and Data Migration

Our Odoo-certified CPAs directs all Odoo Accounting implementations to ensure that Odoo’s best practices and GAAP standards are met. We specialize in migrating accounting data to Odoo and use our 5-point Risk-Management process for successful data migration.

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I Need Help With Configuring Odoo System to Meet Compliance Requirements

Our Industry SMEs and Odoo-certified consultants work with businesses to architect Odoo systems that meet compliance requirements like HIPAA, FDA, DCAA, ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, and more. Your business’ efficiency and regulatory adherence are a top priority for our team.

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I Need Help With Data Analytics in Odoo

Our Data Analytics specialists lead an elite Odoo Engineers team dedicated to designing intelligent systems to interpret your data efficiently, create dynamic dashboards, and generate comprehensive reports without compromising system performance. Our expertise gives you instant access to real-time data, enabling quick and informed business decisions.

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Trusted By Mid-Market and Fast-Growing Businesses 

With a team of over 70 experienced Odoo Consultants based in Texas, Novobi is at the forefront of delivering high-quality Odoo solutions. Our team is led by SAP, Oracle, and AWS Certified solution architects, as well as executives and business consultants from Accenture, Oracle, and Infor. This powerful combination of expertise enables us to provide both thought leadership and execution power to our clients. As one of the longest-standing Odoo Gold Partners in the US, we have successfully assisted 200+ companies in the Manufacturing, Direct-to-Consumer, Service, and Retail and Distribution industries, enabling them to transform their operations through the effective utilization of Odoo.

Meet With Odoo Consultants
About Your Odoo Implementation

Experience Enterprise-Class Digital Transformation Service

Work with Solution Experts and Odoo-Certified Consultants to Ensure the Success of Your Odoo Project

Reliable Odoo Project Planning and Estimating

Work with an Odoo Gold Partner to define your requirements and chart the optimal route toward digital transformation.

Our Odoo consultants draw on years of experience in ERP design and business consulting to plan and help keep your project on time and within budget. We’re committed to a planning process that serves as a solid foundation for a successful execution. We also provide an estimate with a certain level of fidelity that aligns with your goals to eliminate ambiguous pricing. Our meticulously designed ERP implementation plan with a clear estimate allows for better-informed decisions, giving you added confidence when selecting a technology partner.

  • 8-Area Discovery
  • Rigorous Upfront Analysis For Risks Mitigation
  • Estimate Fidelity to Match Your Need, Timeline, and Budget Goals

The team at Novobi has exceeded our expectation, delivering an elevated level of expertise needed to scale our infrastructure and providing innovative solutions. Their experience with back-end, as well as customer interfaces, enables our team to quickly deploy business solutions. We are impressed with their project, risk, and budget management capabilities. They provide industry-leading project tracking and reporting, appropriate for large scale implementation while minimizing bureaucracy when necessary. Ha and his team communicate clearly and proactively. I would confidently recommend them.


Paul Andries 
IT Director   

Successful Odoo Implementation

Collaborate with Odoo experts to ensure the success of your Odoo system.

Our Engineers and Odoo-certified Consultants have years of expertise in ERP solution architecture and Odoo deployment. Working alongside our SMEs in your industry, we can ensure that your system design adheres to Odoo’s best practices and meets your industry standards. Our proven methodology highlights the importance of transparent and regular communication with clients, meticulous cost and schedule management, thorough user training, rigorous testing procedures, and effective change management. This comprehensive approach facilitates a seamless transition and successful implementation while minimizing disruption to your business operations.

  • Industry SMEs/Consultants work with our Odoo implementation team
  • Consistent project updates on status, budget, and timeline from your Project Managers
  • Quick-to-launch with minimal disruption to your business during go-live

We have attempted several times to implement an ERP using different software platforms and technology teams, but we were unable to successfully launch our system until we worked with Novobi. The Novobi team demonstrated a professional-level capability in planning and execution. The project went smoothly even though we had three different organizations involved regularly. I highly recommend Novobi for Odoo implementation.

Dari Dadashi  

Dependable Odoo Support

Rely on one of the top Odoo Partners in the US to keep your Odoo system operating seamlessly.

Whether it is troubleshooting poorly implemented Odoo systems, optimizing performance, or facilitating system upgrades, we’re equipped with a support plan to address your Odoo issues swiftly and effectively. Just like our current clients, you’ll benefit from our bug-free guarantee and have access to our rapid-response support plans, to maintain the seamless operation of your system.

  • Bug-Free Guarantee
  • Rapid response support plans
  • 24/7 Support available

Novobi was an extraordinary partner for our mid-market consumer electronics company.  We had been stuck trying to implement Odoo for almost three years.  We went through two previous consulting companies and spent untold internal IT hours on the project. Novobi came on board, and we were up, tested, and in production within a few months.

Novobi’s project management skills, development chops, and general Odoo expertise were head and shoulders above anyone we had worked with previously. Additionally, they provided monthly support on a flexible and fair basis and were always responsive to any issues.

I would recommend Novobi without hesitation, not simply because they are experts, but because they are wonderful to work with and to have as a partner.

Patrick S. Mahaffey  

Meet With Odoo Consultants
About Your Odoo Implementation