Novobi Standard ERP

Leveraging the power of Odoo to create a future-proof ERP for your retail or manufacturing 

The future of business is integrated

Get connected with Novobi's standard ERP for retailers and manufacturers. This fully integrated, omnichannel management system is ready for rapid deployment to help you delight your customers, grow your sales and scale your retail or manufacturing business.

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For Retailers 

Achieve operational excellence across your business verticals. Align your operations in your OmniBorders platform to coordinate all the moving parts required to increase sales, grow your business, and keep your customers happy.

For Manufacturers  

Manage every level of your supply chain and manufacturing operation. With full integration across downstream verticals in your business, OmniBorders helps you manage your manufacturing and engineering workflows.

In today’s retail ecosystem, simply having an eCommerce store isn’t enough to thrive. Our standard ERP helps you integrate all the moving pieces required to grow and scale your business.

Getting you ready for Industry 4.0 

We help you make smart decisions in your business

A layer of AI in the standard ERP platform brings intelligence to your business decisions. Smart recommendations find efficiencies in your operations, driven by data.

Smart Finance

Pricing your products for maximum revenue and customer satisfaction is difficult, especially across multiple sales channels. Take the guesswork out of setting the best prices. Using AI, our standard ERP will make recommendations on price adjustments based on sales performance, inventory balancing, and the pricing set by other sellers in shared channels.

Smart Inventory

Real-time monitoring of your inventory provides under and over stock analysis to ensure optimal performance while still being lean. With automated alerts to keep you in the know and a robust dashboard to give you a visual overview of your inventory’s performance, you can maximize your sales while managing the cost of your stock.

Smart Purchasing

Smart procurement puts the power of data in your supply chain management. Define your optimal inventory levels and the system will handle the rest. Using powerful AI, our standard ERP provides demand forecasts for purchase planning and factors in lead time, inventory cost and more to keep your purchasing lean and efficient. 

Retail financial management needs? We've got you covered!

We built accounting, payroll, finance, budgeting, and more right into OmniBorders. Whether you need simple bookkeeping and tax reporting or want to utilize advanced features like AI-driven smart recommendations from your financials, you can do it all from one place!

Full financial integration means:

No paying for additional financial management and bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks or Xero.

Your finances will automatically connect with your sales, inventory, procurement, and other verticals across channels.

Smart recommendations can be made across your operational verticals based on your financial performance