Inventory optimization suite for



Real time

AI-driven forecasts

The Novobi Inventory Optimization Suite incorporates advanced
analytics to predict sales and optimize inventory:

  • Automatically recommends the best algorithms for each product
    based on multiple demand metrics
  • Forecasts demand for individual products or multiple product
  • Lets you override the forecasts and default demand metrics for
    unique business conditions

Smart procurement

The Novobi Inventory Optimization Suite delivers on the promise
of smart procurement:

  • Automatically optimizes reorder quantities for all products and
  • Avoids stock outs
  • Minimizes total purchase, shipping and storage costs
  • Takes into account supplier lead time, minimum order quantities,
    volume discounts, stock out costs
  • Lets you override recommended quantities for situations like
    rapidly changing product mix

Real time analytics

The Novobi Inventory Optimization Suite provides real time dashboards
for all users within the organization:

  • On demand monitoring of inventory through customized
    dashboards with multiple KPI’s and charts
  • Real time alerts include notifications of stock out risk
  • Predict risk of under and over stock
  • Predict losses from stock outs and costs of over stocking
  • Export to Excel for further analysis/reporting

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