Odoo Hosting Services

Dedicated cloud hosting for niche and special requirements

Dedicated Infrastructure

Unlimited flexibility

High Availability Architecture

Unlimited scalability

High Automation

Expanded system integrations

Advanced Security

Fully managed protection 

Dedicated Infrastructure for Unlimited Flexibility

  • Essential compliance requirements are included such as ITAR, HIPAA, PCI, GxP and more.

  • Host Odoo as well as all other software in a single environment with consolidated hosting

  • Dedicated infrastructure supports both Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions.

  • Access to hundreds of AWS services for unlimited innovation

  • Utilize cross-cloud disaster recovery for guarantee business continuity

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

High Availability Architecture for Unlimited Scalability

  • Redundancy at both the application layer and database layer ensures nearly 100% uptime

  • Horizontally scalable (both scale in and scale out) to support your business growth

Enable High Automation for Expanded System Integrations

Overcome the limitations of Odoo.sh. With Novobi’s dedicated hosting solution, there will be no limitation on the cron job nor system integrations. This allows more secure and reliable integrations with all devices.

Additionally, achieve high-automation warehousing using advanced printing solutions like Bartender or Cups.  

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Fully Managed Advanced Security

Advanced protection and privacy measures are fully managed by Novobi, an Odoo Gold Partner and an AWS Consulting Partner. Novobi supports VPN connections between Odoo and your office for enhanced security, privacy and system automation. Hosting follows the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Your Business is Our Business 

We leverage the power of Odoo to deliver the exact solution your business needs.

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