“One of the things from our engagement with Novobi that has become apparent in terms of its value is the importance of having a good CPA on the development team… that’s been invaluable for us…. it’s very important to have a CPA involved.”

Andy Wilcox

President | Inline Cleaning Systems

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“We have been using Quickbooks for almost 20 years along with separate order entry and webstore systems.  We have spent a lot of time balancing and synchronizing data, and have really wanted a completely integrated system.  We have used Quickbooks for so long, it was a terrifying thought to use something else!  I appreciate how Novobi helped us to make the transition to Odoo, their knowledge of Quickbooks really made things easier.”

Mark Vander Ark

General Manager | The Berean Call

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“Novobi put a great amount of effort into making very specific customizations to the accounting app to make it more user-friendly and North American-centric. We’ve implemented all of the customizations and they have been a boon to our process!

Novobi developed a set of extensions to the accounting app that we’ve implemented to help facilitate our workflows and make our work more efficient.”

Mark Ritchie

Finance Director | AuST Manufacturing

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“Odoo Accounting has been a great asset in helping us bring our accounting together from two separate accounting systems; having access to their on-staff US-based accountant familiar with Odoo has greatly assisted with questions that arise while learning and implementing the software”

Ben Paskewitz

General Manager | NTS Tire & Wheel

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“Four hours was the perfect length of time for initial  training. I would recommend Novobi’s Odoo Accounting training to other accountants/bookkeepers who are new to Odoo.”

Marty Seger

CPA | SigmaSense, LLC.

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“Novobi has been a great Odoo accounting resource for our team. They were very helpful and a joy to work with. After just a few training calls, all of our issues were resolved quickly and under budget! We will continue to work with Novobi in the years to come.”

Steve Rupp

Bookkeeper | ZFlow Ventures

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