Make it easy for customers to pay you faster with built-in invoicing and sales tools from Odoo Accounting. Create custom professional invoice templates, set automatic reminders, collect credit card payments, and manage subscription payments all in one place!

Sales & Invoicing Features

Custom Invoices

Generate custom, professional invoices with your company branding.

Invoice Automation

Automatically generate invoices from sales orders to reduce manual entry.

Instant Payment

Customers can pay invoices with one click and the transactions are automatically recorded.

Automated Communication

Communicate with customers and follow up on invoices automatically.

Revenue Recognition

Track and manage deferred payments automatically in accordance with GAAP standards.

Subscription Management

Automate subscription management for recurring revenue processing and recognition.

Credit Card Payments

Securely accept one-time and recurring credit card payments with popular payment portals.

Customer Statements

Generate comprehensive customer statements to keep them updated on their accounts.

Custom Invoices

Beyond Odoo’s standard invoice template, Odoo Accounting gives you freedom and flexibility to customize your invoices in a few simple steps for more impactful messaging with customers. Create and send custom, personalized invoices with your company branding, order details, a customer’s current balance, and more. Invoices can be printed or emailed to customers instantly so you get paid faster!

Invoice Automation

Odoo Accounting’s invoices are integrated and automated so you don’t have to worry about manually creating and sending invoices. Sales orders will automatically generate invoices that are sent to customers for fast and easy payment.

Get Paid Instantly

Customers can view invoices online and pay with one click. The transactions are updated instantly in Odoo Accounting so there’s no need to manually enter payments into the books.

Automated Communication & Follow Up

Odoo Accounting streamlines your customer relationships with automated communication and invoice follow ups. Schedule task-based communications with your customers for ongoing sales orders so you don’t lose time to manual tracking and outreach.

Follow up with your customers automatically after issuing invoices to ensure that outstanding payments remain top of mind. Set follow up intervals so you can skip manual communications for open invoices.

Keep track of all your communications with your customers within Odoo Accounting so you can follow transactions from start to finish without redundancies or lapses in outreach. View your customer communication history in one place.

Revenue Recognition

Odoo Accounting automatically recognizes and tracks deferred revenues, moving them from liability to revenue accounts in your income statement as deliverables are actualized over time in accordance with GAAP reporting standards.

Subscription Sales Management

Odoo Accounting includes simple features to manage customer subscriptions and recurring revenues automatically. These features automate every aspect of your subscriptions including invoicing, tax management, payments, and revenue recognition. In addition, you can quickly and easily generate clear contracts to manage your ongoing customer relationships. Set your subscription preferences and Odoo Accounting will handle the rest.

Credit Card Payments

Give your customers the convenience of paying their invoices by credit card. Odoo Accounting supports several payment gateways and portals including Stripe,, Plaid, Ingenico, PayPal, and more via API integration. Manage credit card payments for subscription sales with PCI compliant payment tokens that allow you to automatically charge customer credit cards on a recurring basis in a fully secure environment.

Customer Statements

Keep your customers updated on their accounts by generating custom, professional customer statements. Print or email statements with a single click and configure automated follow ups for a simple and streamlined workflow.