Stop losing time to tedious transaction importing and reconciliation. Once Odoo Accounting is connected to your bank, transactions sync automatically, ready for our enhanced reconciliation features to get you squared away quickly and easily.

Banking Features

Bank Synchronization

Connect with your bank to allow transactions to flow into Odoo Accounting automatically.

Account Reconciliation

Easily track and manage your transactions with comprehensive account reconciliation.

Batch Payment

Batch deposit payments with the option to allocate fees into your expense account.

Check Register

Monitor and safeguard check use within your organization and generate automatic reports.

Bank Synchronization

Automatically import your bank transactions to Odoo for reconciliation. Following a quick and easy one-time setup, Odoo will sync with your bank automatically at intervals you configure. Odoo also supports statement uploads in a variety of formats such as CSV, OFX, QUIF, or CAMT to help get all your transactions in one place.

Account Reconciliation

Utilize enhanced features that make accounting in Odoo more intuitive, easier to navigate, and more aligned with US accounting standards.

  • Transaction Matching

    Enhanced logic powers automatic transaction matching and bank rules seamlessly handle your recurring transactions automatically. Don’t worry, you still have the ability to easily review transactions before reconciling, and reconciliations from the previous period can be revised if necessary.

  • Bank Rules

    Record recurring transactions automatically by creating bank rules. Based on the transaction description or amount, Odoo automatically recognizes and applies your rules to the transaction saving you time and effort.

  • Error Handling

    Statement-based reconciliation helps you quickly identify gap amounts between your books and your bank while missing transactions or discrepancies are highlighted for your review. Now you can easily identify and correct errors without wasting time tracking them down.

  • Source Management

    Track and trace transactions back to their original source and reconcile manual bank journal entries from the reconciliation screen.

  • Statement Management

    Set your statement ending date and ending balance and create a complete reconciliation report for each bank statement.

Batch Payment (Deposit) with Adjustment Value

Batch deposit is available for check and credit card transactions with the option to add an adjustment for applicable fees to the appropriate expense account automatically.

Check Register

Create an overview report to help monitor and safeguard check use in your organization. Complete check register reports for each bank account are available.