Implementing a New Business Model Utilizing the Odoo Platform for eCommerce at a Tire Resale Company


Novobi implemented an eCommerce solution for NTS Tire Supply to help them expand their online offerings including a system for pricing and organizing product variants and a mobile application to optimize the user experience.

The Client




Minnesota, United States

NTS Tire Supply

NTS specializes in agricultural tire sales including resale of pre-owned and overstock tires and equipment. With a business that spans more 60 years of service, NTS expanded their offering to eCommerce, connecting farm owners with tire resellers all around the country in an easy-to-navigate marketplace. NTS combines inventory sourcing with services and expert consultation.


Build a rich eCommerce experience that includes automatic product variant analysis for pricing and organizing stock.


Implement a series of algorithms to automate portions of inventory management on the eCommerce site.

“We’ve worked with Novobi for more than 6 months to build a very complex Odoo ERP system designed for our very niche market of used agricultural tires, wheels and hardware. Their attention to detail and adherence to best practice is beyond our expectation.”

– Ben Paskewitz | General Manager, NTS

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