Stop juggling multiple systems and processes to manage your Engineer-To-Order workflow. Take control with Novobi’s ETO solution.

It makes estimating, design, inventory, and shop floor management a breeze.

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Make your Manufacturing Operations a Breeze

Execute your estimates, designs, inventories, and shop floor management with ease through this feature.

Access Your Enterprise Communication Network

Collaborate efficiently with team members across all departments.

Get Exactly What Your Business Needs

Have Engineer-to-Order, Made-to-Order, or Made-to-Stock processes readily available to execute what you need quickly.


Defines and Selects
Specific BoM for a Quote

Define and select a specific Bill of Materials (BoM) tailored to each project, ensuring accurate quotes and cost estimates, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Recognize All Sub-Assemblies Related to Finished Goods

Recognize all sub-assemblies related to finished goods, facilitating better planning and coordination, leading to smoother project execution and reduced production bottlenecks.

Manufacturing Orders

Optimize production workflows and accelerate project delivery by efficiently generating manufacturing orders, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

Enhanced Cost Analysis

Check out more features of our
AccelerateERP Suite to Automate, Optimize,
and Transform your Manufacturing Operations!

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AccelerateERP Suite

AccelerateERP Suite is a comprehensive Novobi solution built on the Odoo Framework that helps businesses thrive in Industry 4.0. It brings together a range of integrated applications to support the full spectrum of manufacturing operations.

The modular design of the AccelerateERP Suite enables it to launch faster and cost less than traditional ERPs, allowing you to make incremental improvements without disrupting your business.

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Project Costing

Get accurate project costing reports quickly with our Project Costing solution.

It integrates with your inventory and manufacturing processes, shows the project’s total direct and indirect costs, and is part of our DCAA service.

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Dynamic MRP

Prevent production delays caused by out-of-stock materials with Novobi’s Dynamic MRP.

It’s designed to minimize your understock and overstock risks with real-time insights into your inventory.

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Improve your Quality Management process, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase efficiency with our QMS Solution.

It is designed to meet ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110, AS9120 and is integrated with the rest of your manufacturing workflow.

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