Empowering an IT Consultancy with Odoo to Improve their End User Offering and Experience


Novobi worked with Barton Dynamics, an IT consultancy offering digital transformation services to businesses, to incorporate Odoo ERP systems for their clients’ specific needs.

The Client


Information Technology


Texas, United States

Barton Dynamics

Barton Dynamics is an information technology consultancy that helps small businesses identify, organize, and improve their IT needs for modern digital transformation. Located outside Austin, Texas, they work with clients across the US with diverse IT needs across business verticals such as finance, operations, sales, and more. Their primarily focus on digitizing legacy processes and manual operations to eliminate reliance on outdated systems.


Identify and implement a core ERP system that can be repurposed quickly and cost effectively to suit the IT needs of various end clients.


Create a foundational Odoo system that can be quickly deployed and adapted to the business requirements of diverse clients.

“Novobi has helped us leverage the Odoo platform to build functional tools that improve our customer’s business processes. They have been an amazing partner and helped us to realize the full capability of the Odoo platform.”

– John Domeracki | President, Barton Dynamics

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