E-Commerce Retailer Manages Business With Custom Odoo Retail Solution


Within only three months, Novobi designed an Odoo ERP system for Almond Cow which includes a comprehensive Retail Solution that supports the company’s growing international business. Through the Novobi Retail Solution, multiple connectors are integrated into Odoo. As a result, sales order visibility is increased, data is automated, and Almond Cow now has the flexibility, scalability, and long-term support they need for business expansion.

The Client

E-Commerce, Dairy Alternative Products
Atlanta, Georgia

Almond Cow

Dubbed “The Plant-Based Milk Maker,” Almond Cow manufactures and sells machines, accessories, and ingredients for making nut-based milk in the comfort of your own home.

Almond Cow works to provide everyone with a convenient and sustainable way to make homemade plant-based milk through its extensive e-commerce efforts. The company proudly services an international market that spans the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The Client's Challenge

Almond Cow came to Novobi wanting to transform their retail management from a multiple software system to an all-in-one solution within a tight three-month timeline. To ensure that Novobi provided the best solution possible for Almond Cow, there were specific challenges on both the business and technical aspects of the project to be addressed. You can read about the overall project challenges in this case study.

Business Challenges

On the business side of things, Almond Cow had specific requirements to be met. Novobi’s solution had to overcome the following:

Inefficient Fulfillment Management

Order Process Fulfillment Takes Too Much Time

With Almond Cow’s previous retail management system, order fulfillment was time-consuming. The company’s orders are fulfilled either internally or through third-party logistics (3PL) service, ShipStation. Upon receipt of an order, its means of fulfillment is identified. Staff would then manually review and input data needed to complete order fulfillment The entire process took too much effort, and Almond Cow’s process for managing order fulfillment needed to be streamlined.

Insufficient Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting Lacks Key Automation

Along with order fulfillment, Almond Cow also had issues with their demand forecasting. Staff needed to manually export data across the multiple software they used for retail management. Aside from being time-consuming, the accuracy of demand forecasting results was not ensured, as data generation was not automated.

Lack of Order Traceability

Limited Visibility on Sales Order Fulfillment

Almond Cow uses multiple channels to fulfill sales orders. With the previous system, there is limited access to information on individual orders and transactions at large. Such information is crucial for identifying trends and forecasting demand, thus ensuring effective decision-making and strategic planning.

System Challenges

The system Almond Cow had in place could not match the retail management needs of its growing international business. This pushed the company to seek a solution powerful enough to overcome the following:

Fragmented System

Use of Multiple Software for Retail Management

There is no singular system in place for Almond Cow. The company had a fragmented system setup, utilizing software such as TradeGecko, Quickbooks, and spreadsheets for retail management. Almond Cow required an all-in-one solution that can properly support not only the surge of orders expected during the holiday season but also the continuous scaling of their business.

Lack of Data Automation

Financial Data Processing Requires Manual Work

Along with having limited data access, Almond Cow’s fragmented system also lacks key automations. To generate accurate financial data for their orders, staff had to cross-check different sources and manually enter data which proved to be time-consuming. The company needs real-time data access and automation to not only improve traceability but also optimize their reporting capabilities.

Lack of Scalability

System Cannot Scale with the Business

With the fragmented nature of the previous system, Almond Cow’s long-term growth is not supported. As the business continues to expand its market and explore other platforms for selling their machines, it is important to have a reliable solution that can scale with it.

Novobi's Solution

Novobi leveraged Odoo’s framework to develop a Retail solution that would address all of Almond Cow’s needs and optimize the company’s retail management. The solution features connector integration, order process streamlining, and data automation. Along with this module, US-Compliant Novobi Accounting and a ShipStation connector were also implemented. You can read more about these modules in this case study.

Novobi Retail Solution

Novobi’s Retail Solution features the following enhancements designed to meet Almond Cow’s needs:

Connector Integration

Novobi’s Retail Solution combines the different connectors Almond Cow uses to manage the orders they receive online. This includes Shopify, and, as they continue to expand their business, Amazon, Walmart, and social media as well. Through this integration, Almond Cow has more visibility on how orders are fulfilled across channels, allowing staff to process sales orders more efficiently.

Order Process Streamlining

The module streamlines the process of managing Almond Cow’s sales orders across different storefronts. Odoo provides a single source of truth to refer to for details on the many orders they receive. Managing fulfillment is also simplified with this solution, and staff can now process both internal orders and those that must be fulfilled by ShipStation within a singular system.

Data Automation

Almond Cow staff can now easily access the data they need to properly process orders. Through the Novobi Retail Solution, details of every financial transaction are automated, reflecting on the Odoo backend so that there is immediate visibility of the data that staff review and use to complete each order. Moreover, data automation allows Almond Cow to easily monitor their inventory and accurately forecast demand for their products.

Odoo Apps

Almond Cow uses the following Odoo modules:


“The Novobi team helped to implement their Odoo Retail Solution on an expedited timeframe. Implementing this has improved our ability to visualize truth in an increasingly omnichannel landscape.”

Brett Goodson,
President / Almond Cow

The Novobi Approach

Novobi follows a strict implementation schedule following CMMI and Scrum frameworks with weekly sprints, ensuring that clients can expect demos and workable solutions weekly or biweekly. Novobi also follows best practices in configuration and customization to ensure the system functions correctly. This approach makes it easier and more cost-effective to upgrade in the future. You can read about the full implementation conducted in this case study.








Novobi conducted a standard discovery approach and identified the need to replace Almond Cow’s fragmented system with an all-in-one solution that provided a single source of truth for retail management. Based on their business model, the Novobi team suggested the implementation of the Novobi Retail Solution that could support their growing business.


Almond Cow required a system launch in time for the holiday season. Their team was onboarded on the 27th of July 2021. Novobi had three months to develop and implement Almond Cow’s Odoo system, including the Retail Solution. Remarkably, the new Odoo system went live on October 15, 2021.


The Novobi team collaborated closely with the Almond Cow team to develop an implementation plan for the Novobi Retail Solution. This included client-specific customizations to suit how Almond Cow operates and sells their products, to ensure the solution met all of their needs.


Novobi trained Almond Cow SMEs and managers extensively as they did not have prior knowledge of Odoo. The team taught Almond Cow staff how to utilize the different modules, such as the Novobi Retail Solution to ensure they would be fully equipped to use their new system after the go-live.


Novobi completed a single-phase purely remote implementation for Almond Cow. The Retail Solution was successfully implemented within 8 weekly sprints, followed by 2 weeks of support by the Novobi team.


After the system go-live, Novobi continued to provide Almond Cow with support, as needed. This includes giving production support and assisting in minor improvements to ensure the Odoo system remains optimal.

The Results

Within 3 months, Novobi successfully implemented a Retail Solution for Almond Cow that went live in time for the busy holiday season. The purely remote implementation provided the company with a powerful system that increased sales order visibility, promotes data automation and operational efficiency, and provides the flexibility, scalability, and long-term support they need for business expansion. Almond Cow is assured that they now have a reliable system that will grow with their international business. Additionally, you can read about the overall impact of Novobi’s project with Almond Cow in this case study.


With Novobi’s Retail Solution, Almond Cow can easily track and understand how orders are fulfilled across their different storefronts, without having to check multiple sources at a time.


Data is now more accessible than ever within a single reliable source with the most accurate and updated information staff need for completing orders, monitoring inventory, and forecasting demand.


Almond Cow is empowered to explore new sales channels and integrate with other services such as Amazon and Walmart as the Novobi Retail Solution is equipped to accommodate additional connectors and higher sales orders.

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