Demand Driven Procurement

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and automation to streamline your procurement processes whether you are purchasing from vendors or integrating with your manufacturing.

Imagine your procurement processes were completely automated in response to demand.

With Demand Driven Procurement from Novobi, that can be a reality.

Take the Guesswork out with Artificial Intelligence

Streamline the time consuming task of manual data processing. Novobi's AI engine helps you make the best procurement decisions quickly in our easy-to-navigate platform.

Stop Manual Counts with Real Time Inventory Monitoring

No more cross checking spreadsheets. With real time monitoring you can see the state of your inventory in the moment so you can make the necessary decisions for procurement.

No More Time Consuming Analysis

Optimize your procurement with purchase planning. Stay ahead of your inventory needs with automatic forecasting to help you figure out what to purchase and when. 

Reduce manual work, purchase only what you need, and save time and money with intelligent, Demand Driven Procurement, featuring:

Inventory Insights

Real-time inventory monitoring

Real time monitoring and alerting for under stock and over stock risks. Novobi’s Smart Inventory continuously monitors inventory levels, applies intelligence to draw the right conclusions, and delivers actionable reports and alerts to the right people.

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Intelligent Replenishment

Automatic replenishment thresholds

Optimize reorder quantities with control parameters and overrides. Significantly reduce user time and effort as well as uncertainty in maintaining reorder points for thousands of products.

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Purchase Planning

Demand-driven forecasting

Plan ahead in your purchasing processes with intelligent recommendations. Create bulk purchase plans and analyze performance across multiple products, warehouses, and vendors for automated quantity and vendor recommendations.

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Are you ready for Demand Driven Procurement?

Learn more about how intelligence and automation can streamline your procurement workflows whether you're purchasing from vendors or manufacturing in-house.

Inventory Insights

Real time monitoring and alerting for under stock and over stock risks to help you stay on top of your demand while avoiding stagnant inventory.

Inventory Status & Real Time Stock Dashboard

With multiple KPIs for inventory performance, including stock age, heavy stocks, total inventory value, and more, you can view a snapshot of your inventory operations in a user-friendly dashboard. 


Under and Over Stock Analysis

Automatically categorize your inventory into four groups:

  • Products with high over stock risk

  • Products with high under stock risk

  • Products near reorder points

  • Products within proper levels

Plus, continuous monitoring ensures that you can set up real time alerts and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Inventory Activities

View a summary and to-do list of delivery orders to ship to customers, orders to receive from vendors, and returns orders from either customers or vendors in one report. Get a visual overview of your inventory activities so you can quickly and easily prioritize your operations. 

Return Statistics

Analyze your return trends with an overview of total sales return orders by service level. Make better decisions about your sales and inventory practices with insightful return data. 

Product Variant Analysis

View a summary of past demand for every product as well as forecasted demand up to 6 months in the future so you can stay on top of your demand trends and ensure you never go into an out-of-stock situation.

Intelligent Replenishment

Optimize your reorder quantities with control parameters and utilize stock automations that save time and energy.

Prevent stock-outs and over stock

Defines optimal inventory levels, for individual products or in batch mode, based on:

  • Demand forecasts

  • Product service levels

  • Supplier lead time

  • Inventory cost

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Set Your Reorder Points

Automatically optimize reorder points or generate new reordering rules as market demand changes:

  • Option to generate purchase or manufacturing orders when reordering rules are triggered

  • Manually adjust recommended reorder points

Purchase Planning

Plan ahead in your purchasing processes with intelligent recommendations.

Vendor and Quantity Recommendations

Get an overview of your vendor relationships in one place and make the best purchasing decisions by utilizing:

  • Cost analysis

  • Vendor discounts

  • Vendor lead times

  • Budget constraints

  • Time constraints

Import or Export to Excel for Portability and Flexibility

Automate Purchasing Execution

Streamline your procurement process by automating the purchasing workflow using triggers and thresholds that you can configure.

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