Corporation in Education Industry Uses Odoo ERP System to Support New Product Launch


Novobi custom-built an Odoo ERP system for Excelligence Learning Corporation, a leading early childhood education service provider. To support their newly established school-supply kitting initiative, the team focused on customizing the Odoo inventory module to fit the company’s needs, quickly implementing the new solution, and ensuring a low total cost of ownership (TCO). With this system, Excelligence improved the sales team’s response time in sending quotes to clients, lowered labor cost, and increased data accuracy.

The Client


Education, Manufacturing


Monterey, California

Excelligence Learning Corporation

Excelligence Learning Corporation provides educational products, services, and solutions to the global early childhood education market.

As a leader in their industry, Excelligence streamlines the purchasing experience through a multi-channel approach. Their products, services, and solutions are used by a wide range of customers, including preschools, daycare centers, elementary schools, and homeschooling families.

Challenge #1

Current system cannot support new business initiatives without costly, time-consuming, and complicated development


Inflexible and monolithic

Challenge #2

“Requires a system that allows sales representatives to quickly generate BoMs, verify component availability, and generate quotations with increased speed and efficiency”


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

Challenge #3

Requires a system that eliminates manual effort when sending purchase orders while ensuring order data accuracy


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

Challenge #4

Requires a system that produces real-time financial accuracy by posting journal entries in real-time as transactions or stock moves occur


Create a custom job report to automatically generate the total cost of an ETO project that updates costs and inventory in real time with design changes.

The Client’s Challenge

Excelligence required a system that can support their newly established school-supply kitting venture. To provide the best possible solution, the Novobi team addressed several business and technical challenges ranging from an inflexible and monolithic legacy system to a lag in accessing the most updated data.

Business Challenges

On the business side of things, Excelligence had specific requirements that the Novobi team had to meet. The solution developed had to overcome the following challenges:

Slow Sales Order Processes

Slow Component Verification, Quotation, And BoM Generation

To ensure their new venture is fully supported, Excelligence would require a robust system that enables overall efficiency across sales processes. This includes a system that enables Excelligence sales representatives to quickly generate BoMs and quotations as well as verify component availability.

Lack of Purchase Order Automation

Manual Effort Still Required for Purchase Orders

Excelligence’s current system still requires employees to manually input information when sending out purchase orders. To increase efficiency, Excelligence requires a system that automates the purchase order process to lower labor cost and ensure data accuracy from purchasing to accounting.

Financial Reporting Inaccuracy

Accounting Journal Entries Are Not Updated in Real-time

Excelligence does not have access to real-time financial reporting because accounting journal entries are currently not automated. To ensure accurate financial reporting at all times, the new system must post the journal entries as transactions or stock moves occur.

System Challenges

Excelligence’s legacy system lacks the flexibility to support the new project. This pushed the company to seek a suitable solution that can overcome the following challenges:

Inflexible and Monolithic System

Current System Lacks Flexibility

Excelligence’s current system lacks the flexibility required to support their new venture. The system in place would require complex redevelopment for it to adequately support the initiative. Embarking on such a redevelopment would be costly, using up the company’s time and monetary resources.

Fragmented System

Lack of Single-Source of Truth

There is no singular system in place for Excelligence to run their business efficiently. The company utilizes multiple software for various aspects of their operations, and this leads to overall inefficiency and increased risk of data inaccuracy.

Lack of Access to Real-time Data

No Unified, Real-Time Data Access

Since some of Excelligence’s operations are still largely manual, the current system does not support unified, real-time data updates. This issue compromises the accuracy of the business’s financial reporting.

Novobi’s Solution

Using the Odoo ERP system platform, Novobi deployed a cost-effective, customizable solution capable of encompassing various aspects of Excelligence’s business operations. Advanced automations and integrations are included in the system to help ensure the success of the new business initiative.

Novobi Enhancements

Novobi leveraged the Odoo open-source platform to custom-build the following enhancements to meet Excelligence’s needs:

Custom Inventory Module for Excelligence

This module takes Odoo inventory management a step further. Excelligence sales representatives can now quickly check component availability when making quotations. Moreover, this tool provides access to accurate, real-time inventory data to help manage overstock and understock.

EDI Integration Module for Excelligence

This module simplifies the entire process of component purchasing for Excelligence by facilitating the generation of EDI documents on Odoo. Excelligence can then use generated files to purchase the components they need. The module seamlessly integrates with the rest of the system ensuring utmost efficiency for the business.

Odoo Apps

Excelligence uses the following Odoo apps in their system:


“Novobi delivered a complex project, on time and under budget. We’re leveraging Odoo to delight our customers by delivering high-quality products customized to their individual needs.”

Paul Whitely
Director, Enterprise Applications / Excelligence

The Novobi Approach

Novobi follows a strict implementation schedule following CMMI and Scrum frameworks with weekly sprints, ensuring that clients can expect demos and workable solutions weekly or biweekly. Novobi also follows best practices in configuration and customization to ensure the system functions correctly. This approach makes it easier and more cost-effective to upgrade in the future.








Within 2 months, Novobi identified all the crucial information necessary to plan and design the ideal system for Excelligence. The discovery phase laid the foundation for a smooth-sailing Odoo implementation. The Novobi team thoroughly analyzed Excelligence’s business concerns, their existing system, and their new initiative.


Based on the analysis from discovery, Novobi determined that it was essential to build an Odoo solution from scratch. Excelligence was presented with a detailed estimate and timeline to finish Phase 1 of the project.


Once the implementation plan was finalized, the Novobi implementation team was structured, and the first sprint of the project was quickly started. Novobi’s implementation included 8 weekly sprints as well as comprehensive internal testing and UAT testing with the client.


Novobi onboarded Excelligence on January 21, 2022. By June 6th of the same year, their new system went live. The project was successfully completed within budget and incorporated all the features listed in the company’s requirements.


As part of the Novobi gold standard, the Excelligence team received online training that equipped their users with the knowledge to utilize Odoo. Additionally, the Novobi team developed a comprehensive user manual with easy-to-read guidance for all Excelligence employees to reference in the future.


The Excelligence team needed minimal assistance after the system go-live. When they do reach out, the Novobi team promptly provides help. This includes instances when they required assistance to resolve minor production issues and procedure adherence. Novobi’s ongoing support ensures their live system remains in prime condition.

The Results

Novobi successfully implemented and launched a bespoke solution with the features required to support Excelligence’s new venture. Excelligence’s new Odoo ERP system increased overall efficiency in their sales process and reduced the risk of data inaccuracy in their reporting.


Excelligence can position themselves as first to respond and demonstrate expertise by providing an accurate and detailed quote quickly.


Automating data entry through integrations reduces manual work and maintains data integrity as it moves through the system.


Automated accounting journal entries provide real-time reporting of transactions and stock moves.

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