Cloud Enablement

Cloud has removed the constraints for speed and agility in enterprise and startup. Our Cloud Enablement Service team provides consulting and implementation services for partners to utilize an AWS cloud platform. Novobi is an AWS Consulting Partner with certified engineers in all perspectives of AWS platform: Architect, Developer and SysOps

The 3-phase approach we use in Novobi

Our services include

AWS migration service

Our AWS Professional Service team will help lift up your infrastructure and migrate it into the cloud

  • Prepare strategy and cloud adoption road map for your current infrastructure
  • TCO analysis: make sure you are fully aware of TCO when running in the cloud
  • Design and optimize architecture for AWS: compliance (HIPAA, PCI-DSS), operation efficiency, cost, performance, backup & restore, etc.
  • Migration, monitoring and maintenance

With great visibility and proactive approach of the cloud, infrastructure will no longer be your bottleneck.

Improve velocity with DevOps

Being in the cloud is the first step towards agility. IT team’s velocity is at maximum when there is less friction between code and infrastructure. However there are unique challenges when operating your infrastructure in the cloud. Our team could help design:

  • Continuous integration and delivery pipeline, both on premise and to the cloud
  • Infrastructure as code, using Chef/Puppet, CloudFormation and OpsWork.
  • Microservices via Docker container
  • Compliance as code via automation

Managed services on AWS

Our AWS certified professionals can server as your internal IT team to manage your infrastructure on AWS.

We perform proactive monitoring, automation, and management of the infrastructure so that you can focus more on business side and your key competitive advantages.

Cloud-native application & product development

We can help design and build products that are cloud-native: secured, resilience, reliable, cost efficient and ready for scale. We have built several mobile apps and SaaS system that utilize AWS at the very first steps.