Adapting and Customizing Odoo’s Accounting Application for a North American Manufacturing Company


Novobi enhanced and customized Odoo’s out-of-box accounting to provide a North American-centric finance tool for AuST, a manufacturing company in the health care space. 

The Client




Utah, United States

AuST Manufacturing

AuST Manufacturing provides design services and component manufacturing in support of complex medical device development programs. They specialize in cardiovascular catheters and minimally invasive devices with an approach that supports agility during early phases of product development while chartering a clear path to scalable manufacturing. 

AuST Manufacturing is a part of the AuST Group which provides comprehensive medical device solutions from clinical need definition and new product development to finished device manufacturing and regulatory support.

Challenge #1

Odoo was developed for the European marketplace. As a result, AuST faced challenges in implementing Odoo due to the customizations that accounting would require to comply with North American standards.


Novobi developed a series of enhancements and customizations for Odoo’s financial tools to make it more user friendly and North American-centric and deployed the solution for AuST.

“Novobi put a great amount of effort into making very specific customizations to the accounting app to make it more user-friendly and North American-centric. We’ve implemented all of the customizations and they have been a boon to our process! Novobi developed a set of extensions to the accounting app that we’ve implemented to help facilitate our workflows and make our work more efficient”


– Mark Ritchie | Director of Finance & Operations, AuST

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