Novobi – Odoo Gold Partner

Why us


  • 50% + staff certified, covering a wide range of IT skills: PM, BA, QA, Cloud, CyberSecurity, Architecture, Develop-ment, DevOps, etc.
  • Industry Specialty

Care & Craftsmanship

  • 5 years without employee turnover
  • Clients with 5+ projects and 3+ years in active partnership

Scrum (Agile) + CMMI

  • Flexibility + Maturity
  • 1-week development cycle

Enterprise-quality tools in each step of SDLC: business analysis, requirement analysis, design, planning, implementation, QA, PM, DevOps, Support, etc.

Novobi’s Core Competencies

We believe in the “Simple but not Simpler” principal in IT and approach that from 4 angles: skills, culture, process, and tools.

  • We’ve built a team skilled in both technology and industry knowledge in order to understand the best practices and apply them to have simplest solutions that work.
  • We’ve built a culture that is mindful about breaking the “Simpler” barrier as much as building solid and cost-effective solutions for clients.
  • We’ve combined Scrum/Agile process with CMMI process to achieve a fusion of simplicity, flexibility, and maturity. Agile can make room for “Simpler” and we believe the predefined standards in CMMI help us not go too far in that direction.
  • We believe correct tools improve quality and productivity while making IT life “Simpler” (this is the type of “Simpler”s that we prefer as IT life has never been near the “Simple” territory). We choose proven, respected tools and invest in training/adoption to master them. 

Enthusiastic, Talented, and Highly committed Team

Novobi’s elite team is outstanding in technology, highly responsible, and enthusiastic about our work. Several of Novobi’s team members hold advanced degrees in Computer Science or Business Administration from U.S. and Germany institutions with decades of experience in software development and IT security, history working with Fortune 20 companies in the U.S., and teaching software engineering at the leading IT institutions in Vietnam. Over 50% of our technical team hold professional certificates from SAP, Amazon Cloud (AWS), Microsoft, Oracle, etc. Below are certifications our team hold as of 10/2016

Certifications our team achieved as of 10/2016

Agile Methodology and Lean Software Development

We understand that timing is critical for your business and will strive to deliver your projects on-time. However, we will never cut corners to achieve that goal. High-Quality and On-Time have always been our highest priority. We maintain Cost-Efficiency by establishing a highly effective software development process and utilizing advanced tools to improve productivity.

Novobi CMMI Certificate

We was awarded Level 3 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) rating from the appraisal entity authorized by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, an acknowledgement of our excellence in delivering consistent, high-quality solutions to our clients. We’ve spent over 4 years blending CMMI’s maturity and Scrum’s agility to reach 1-week Sprint level (i.e. delivering production releases every week) yet still have sufficient analysis, design, verification, and documentation; enough to move fast while always keep quality at the center.